Tree Removal Partnership Program

Qualifications Application

Haddonfield has 10,000 street trees that provide the benefits of beauty, shade, healthier air and screening between busy roads and homes. With this great asset there are also costs. Each year, over 100 of these trees need to be removed due to injury, storms, disease, insects and age. The Borough owns and is responsible for the trees through the Haddonfield Shade Tree Commission. In recent years the cost of tree maintenance and removal has jumped significantly. In light of realistic budgeting priorities, increasing funding in this area has become more difficult. It is understood that in many cases, property owners whose properties abut the public right of way where the trees are, want the dead or diseased trees removed more expeditiously than the Borough can arrange for.

This program was developed to allow property owners who voluntarily choose to do so, to have qualified, approved contractors remove Borough trees that are on the Shade Tree Commission’s take down list. The program further encourages this action in partnership with the Borough by offering to reimburse the property owner for half the appropriate cost of the contract removal, with a maximum reimbursement of $1000 per tree. 

Example 1: Cost to remove tree is $600, Borough will pay $300. 
Example 2: Cost to remove tree is $2,000, Borough will pay $1,000. Example 3: Cost to remove tree is $2,500, Borough will pay $1,000. 

This program includes the costs of disposing of the tree parts in a legal manner but does not cover the costs of stump removal and/or any damage done by the tree during the removal. Residents having trees removed pursuant to this program are required to have stumps ground out to a depth of six inches.

The process to take part in this program is as follows:

The party interested in having the tree removed must first verify with the Borough that it is on the authorized take down list, or request that it be added to that list.
  1. This is done by calling the Haddonfield PW dept at 429-0183 between 8 am and 4 pm each weekday, emailing to, or writing to the Haddonfield Shade Tree Commission, PO Box 3005, Haddonfield, NJ 08033-0969, to request such verification or authorization for removal.
  2. The designated Borough tree expert will, if needed, visit the site and inspect the tree to verify its status and communicate it with the requester. Tree inspection must normally be done at a time of year when trees have leafed out.
  3. If the tree is approved for removal, the Borough will provide the requestor with an application form and instructions for obtaining a permit for the tree removal and for submitting a voucher for reimbursement under the program, including information on pre-approved tree contractors and instructions on what criteria are used to approve a tree contractor not on the list.
The application must
    1. identify the tree location, size (diameter at breast height) and species (with the assistance of the borough’s designated tree expert);
    2. include the name, address and phone # of the contractor designated to do the removal, that contractor’s cost proposal and the desired date of removal;
    3. include proof that two quotes were obtained for work to be completed.
    4. include a hold harmless clause to be signed by the property owner;
    5. be signed by the property owner/requestor stating they understand all the provisions of this program.
The Borough Shade Tree Commission will authorize the appropriate tree expert or Commission member to determine if the tree contractor named in the application meets the criteria for safe and appropriate tree removal services.
  1. A list of pre-approved tree contractors will be created by the Shade Tree Commission following notice sent to area contractors describing the program, listing the criteria and asking contractors to apply for pre-approval.
  2. Once a tree contractor is approved, the contractor will be required to sign the hold harmless clause and include a certificate of insurance. The certificate must list appropriate coverage levels and name the Borough and the Haddonfield Shade Tree Commission as additional named insureds.
  3. If the applicant has not selected a pre-approved contractor, once the application is received the Borough will send an application and criteria sheet to the chosen contractor asking them to submit their information so they can be approved.
  4. If the contractor is approved, they will be asked to sign the forms and provide the insurance certificate.
Once the application for removal has been approved, a permit for the tree removal will be issued to the requestor and the contractor by the Shade Tree Commission or its authorized representative.
    1. Copies will be provided to the Police Dept. so they will know who has been authorized to work in the street.
    2. The Borough’s authorized tree expert will mark the tree to be removed with spray paint to ensure there is no mistake as to which tree to remove.
    3. The contractor will be asked to notify the PW dept 24-48 hours before planned work.
    4. The Borough’s tree expert or a PW department representative will check the location to try to observe the work to determine if the contractor is carrying it out safely and properly and to verify that the work is done.
Once the work is done, the requestor can formally submit the signed Borough voucher requesting reimbursement.
  1. The signed Borough voucher must have a copy of the paid receipt from the tree contractor attached.
  2. The voucher is submitted to the Borough Hall, Rm 101, where arrangements will be made for the Borough’s tree expert or a PW department representative to sign it to verify that the tree was properly removed and that the amount to be paid (half the cost up to $1000) is correct.
  3. The voucher will be presented to the Commissioners along with all other bi-monthly vouchers, for approval at their regular meeting (2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month).
  4. A check will be issued and sent to the requestor within one week of that approval.

Tree Removal Application (PDF)


Any company wishing to participate in the Borough’s Street Tree Removal Partnership program must meet the following qualifications.

  1. Must provide proof that a certified tree expert is on staff.
    • N.J. Certified Tree Expert; or
    • International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) certified
  2. Proof that staff is aware of ANSI 2000 or line certified.
  3. Proof of insurance – coverage a minimum of $ 1 million per occurrence.
    • Personal liability, property liability and workman’s comp.

Place your request to participate in writing. Included appropriate proof of qualifications with the request. Request may be submitted to:
Street Tree Removal Program
Borough of Haddonfield
242 Kings Highway East
Haddonfield, NJ 08033