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Borough Clerk

General Information:

Location: Borough Hall
242 Kings Highway East
Haddonfield, NJ 08033
Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday
Borough Clerk: Deanna Bennett
Phone: 856-429-4700, ext. 204
Fax: 856-795-1445
Email: dbennett@haddonfield-nj.gov

The Clerk's Office is responsible for:

The Borough Clerk serves as secretary to the governing body and is the custodian of all minutes, ordinances, resolutions, contracts, public property deeds and archival records of the municipality. In addition, the Clerk's Office is responsible for the following:

Banner Requests
Block Party Requests
Code of Ordinances
Commissioner Meeting Agendas/Minutes
Landlord Registrations
Municipal Park Usage Approval
Municipal Searches
Notary Services
OPRA Requests
Pet Licensing
Smoke Detector Inspection Requests
Solicitor Licenses and Peddler Permits
Street Opening Permits
Yard Sale Permits
General Events Permits

Banner Requests:

All requests for banners should be sent via email or via the post office to the Clerk's Office. The following information will be helpful to you in making your requests:

  1. Criteria for Approving Banners to be Hung
    • Organizations must primarily serve or benefit Haddonfield residents and/or organizations.
    • Must be for EVENTS in Haddonfield; NOT for information, issues or events that are political in nature.
    • Events that provide for Health and Welfare (i.e. Blood Bank) are given priority over other events.
  2. New Banner Requests - The Borough Clerk must receive, at least two months prior to the scheduled banner hanging date, a letter from the organization stating who they are, what the banner is for and a "proof/artwork" from the company making the banner of the exact layout and wording proposed. This must be presented to the Commissioners for their approval. Preference is always given to a borough based organization should there be a date conflict. A regional event banner for public benefit may be granted if there is no local organization utilizing that time period, but that organization's banner could be "bumped" with two weeks notice should a local organization put in a request.
  3. Use of Sponsor's names on a banner - The focus of a banner is to bring attention to a specific event, not to advertise a company. Sponsors will be allowed on the banner, the total area utilized for such cannot exceed 10% of the total area (20'W x 3'H = 60 sq. ft. x 10% = 6 sq. ft.).
  4. Banners must be updated annually for correct information - All information on the banner, if being used again, must be updated if dates are required. All information on the banner must be correct. If the banner refers to a specific observance; i.e. Memorial Day, do not include "this weekend" on the banner, as the banner may not be hung during the previous week.
  5. Renewals Scheduled from Year to Year - All organizations whose banners have been approved in prior years must submit a "renewal" request for the current year at least 30 days in advance of the requested date. Banner requests will be considered "unconfirmed" if they were hung at that time the previous year, but the current year's renewal request has not yet been made. Should a conflict occur due to a change in dates and there are two unconfirmed banners already shown for that date, the Borough Clerk will contact the two organizations which have unconfirmed banners to see if their dates or requirements have changed so a different organization's banner can be accommodated. The unconfirmed banners have preference for that date.
  6. Confirmations - A confirmation letter will be mailed to the organization's representative confirming the scheduled banner, at which time a new banner schedule is printed for Public Works. Until the letter is issued, the time is not formally scheduled.
  7. Time and Manner of Hanging of Banners
    • Time - Each organization will have priority for one week each year. Additional weeks may be permitted if there is no other conflict. Occasionally the Borough Clerk will ask an organization which has been scheduled in the past to have a banner hung for more than one week to give up one or more weeks if an authorized organization makes a request for one of those weeks. This is done very rarely, but is an option to be used at the Borough's discretion.
    • Manner - Banners may be hung back-to-back with another banner at the Borough's discretion, for a maximum of two (2) banners at any one time.
  8. Delivery Before Hanging and Pick up After Hanging - All banners must be delivered to the Public Works facility (555 Centre Street) by at least the day prior to the scheduled hanging, but no sooner than one week prior. All banners MUST be picked up from Public Works once they have been taken down. Having a large quantity of banners left at Public Works contributes to problems with getting the correct banner hung each week. This is stressed to each organization when a request is made and is re-affirmed in their confirmation letter, as well as when banners are dropped off at Public Works.

Click Here for Banner Specifications.

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Block Party Requests

All block party requests must be sent to the Borough Clerk’s Office (preferably no less than one (1) week prior to the date of the block party) to ensure that sufficient time is provided for the approval process.

Each request must provide the following information:
1. Signature of the adult(s) residing at each address affected by the closure of that portion of the street indicating their consent to the scheduled event. Included should be their street address and well as their printed name.
2. The date and time of the block party
3. The specific block to be "blocked off", i.e. 100 block of Woodland Avenue or Woodland Avenue between West End and Estaugh Avenues
4. Contact information of person in charge of the block party; include name and both home and cell phone number(s)

Please note that all affected property owners must be notified. If you are unable to obtain the signatures from all affected, please note which ones have not signed and why (i.e. vacation, vacant house, refusal etc.).
The Borough of Haddonfield only authorizes block parties until sundown for safety reasons and traffic regulations related to nighttime roadway closures.

Additionally, per the applicable Fire Safety codes a 20 foot wide continuous right-of-way must be maintained in the street for use by emergency vehicles (Police, Fire, Medical). Therefore, all items (tables, chairs, tents, games, trash receptacles, etc.) need to be placed on one side of street, so that this clear straight path "right-of-way" is accessible for emergency access.

This is a temporary authorization for the specific date and time(s) requested and may be rescinded or terminated immediately (without notice) at any time by the Borough of Haddonfield and/or their public safety representatives (Police/Fire), in the event of an emergency or the potential for an emergency situation.

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Code of Ordinances

Please click here for the Borough's Code of Ordinances

Commissioner Meeting Agendas/Minutes

Please click here for the Commissioner's meeting agendas and minutes


Click here for information about the May 2013 Municipal Elections

Election District Map

Voting is one of the most precious rights we have as Americans. Of course, it was not always that way. Over time, many people in our nation fought - and some gave their lives - for the cause of equal voting rights for all individuals. That tells us something about the power of the vote. Like all hard-won rights, voting is something we should not treat lightly. It is a right we should respect, and it is a right we should exercise.

The Borough Clerk is available on all Election days, as noted below, to answer questions and assist Camden County Officials in ensuring that each election runs as smoothly as possible.

The following are the elections that are scheduled in Haddonfield, some are conducted annually and some are held every fourth year:

  • Municipal Election - the second Tuesday in May, every fourth (4) year. The last election was held in 2009
  • Primary Election - the first Tuesday after the first Monday in June
  • General and School Board Election - the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November

The deadline to register to vote is 21 days prior to an election.

You Can Register to Vote if:
You are a United States citizen
You will be 18 years of age by the next election
You will be a resident of the State and county 30 days before the election
You are NOT currently serving a sentence, probation or parole because of a felony conviction

What are the rules for placing political signs?

Each year, hundreds of political signs line roadsides across the state. Improperly placed signs can create safety hazards and interfere with a driver's vision along roadways. To maintain traffic safety, while affording office-seekers the opportunity to inform the public, the following rules govern the placement of signs:

  • Political candidates are responsible for obtaining approval from the adjacent property owner to place the signs.
  • Signs may not be displayed until 60 days prior to the election
  • Signs must be removed within 14 days following an election.
  • Signs must not be placed within or over any state, county or municipal right-of-way, including the park strip, this is the area between the curb and the sidewalk.
  • Signs are not permitted within areas used for clear vision at intersections or commercial driveways, so they will not interfere with the sight distance of a driver.
  • Any illegally placed signs will be removed.
  • Signs removed by borough employees will be kept for seven days at the rear of the Borough Hall or Public Works Garage, and then discarded.

Frequently Asked Questions -

Am I Registered to Vote? -
To find out if you are already registered to vote please call either the Camden County Superintendent of Elections at 856-225-3555 or 3561. You may also check with the Clerk's Office at 856-429-4700, ext. 200/202.

How and Where to Register to Vote? -
Applications for registration can be obtained from the following:

  • New Jersey Division of Elections
  • Camden County Superintendent of Elections at 7150 Westfield Avenue, Suite A, Pennsauken, NJ
  • Municipal Clerk/Administration Office in Room 101 of Borough Hall

Registration forms are also available at Division of Motor Vehicle offices. You can also register to vote at the same time you are applying for assistance or service at the following agencies:

  • New Jersey Medical Assistance and Health Services Program
  • WIC (Supplemental Food Program for Women, Infant & Children)
  • Work First New Jersey Programs
  • Division of Developmental Disabilities
  • Office of Disability Services - Department of Human Services - Public Offices
  • Armed Forces of the United States Recruitment Offices
  • Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services - Department of Labor
  • Commission of the Blind & Visually Impaired
  • County Welfare Agency or County Board of Social Services

You may also print a registration application and after entering required data, mail it to the Commissioner of Registration Office address shown below. In addition, this form can be used for name and address changes. The Commissioner of Registration cannot accept faxed copies or an electronic transmission of a voter registration form since an original signature is required. The registrant must down load the form and send the hard copy to the Commissioner of Registration. The registration deadline to vote at the next election is 21 days prior to election day.

The Voter Registration Applications can be either dropped off in Room 101 of Borough Hall or mailed to:

Camden County Commissioner of Registration
600 Market Street
P.O. Box 470
Camden, New Jersey 08101-9952

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How, When and Where Can I Change My Party Affiliation?
A registered voter desiring to affiliate with a party or change their party affiliation must file a new registration application, marking the appropriate box at the top of the form indicating that they are making a party affiliation change. These changes must be made up to 50 days before a primary election to still vote in that primary election. These forms are also available in Room 101 of Borough Hall or at your local Commissioner of Registration Office. Once completed the form must be mailed or delivered to:

Camden County Commissioner of Registration
600 Market Street
P.O. Box 470
Camden, New Jersey 08101-9952

If you have not previously declared your party affiliation you may do so at the polls when you go to vote in your first Primary Election. After that, you may change your party affiliation or change to unaffiliated by filing out the change form no later than 50 days before a primary election.

If you are a registered member of the Green Party, Libertarian Party, Natural Law Party, Reform Party, U.S. Constitution Party or the Conservative Party, you can participate in the convention of that party, according to its bylaws, but you cannot vote in either the Democratic or Republican Primary.

If you are a previously affiliated voter who becomes unaffiliated, you must file the declaration form no later than 50 days before the primary in order vote in either primary.

Declaration must be filed no later than 50 days preceding the primary in which the voter wishes to vote. A newly registered voter, an unaffiliated voter or a voter who has never voted in a primary election, can affiliate with the Democratic or Republican Party on the day of the primary.

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How Do I Obtain a Vote-by-Mail Application? -
The State of New Jersey has updated the law for absentee voting to now be "Vote By Mail." This change in the law now makes it easier for you, the voter, to cast your ballot. You now have the option to receive mail-in ballots for all elections in a calendar year, or a mail-in ballot for all future November General Elections. A voter may apply for the Vote By Mail ballot by completing an Application and mailing the application to:

Camden County Clerk's Office
Election Division
P.O. Box 150
Camden, New Jersey 08101-0150

Applications are also available at the County Clerk's Office, your Municipal Clerk's Office, and all County Store locations.

Your application must be received seven (7) days prior to the election if sent via mail. You can also apply in person the County Clerk's Office up until 3:00 pm the day before the lection. Only active duty military and voters residing overseas may apply by fax or e-mail. All other voters must apply in writing, with original signature. If you applied for a Vote By Mail Ballot and did not receive or return the ballot, you may vote by provisional ballot at the polls.

For additional information please contact the Camden County Clerk's Office, Election Division at 856-225-7219. Information is also available at www.camdencounty.com.

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Where Do I Vote?
Click on the link below to find out where to vote in your District, or call the Clerk's Office at 856-429-4700, ext. 200/202.


I have recently moved and did not change my address with the Camden County Superintendent of Elections, where do I vote? -
The voter is to go to the polling place of the voting district to which the voter has moved to get permission to vote through the provisional voting procedure. The District Board worker shall receive verification from the Board of Elections or the Superintendent of Elections to confirm that the voter is indeed a registered voter in the county.

If the voter's registration is confirmed, the voter makes a written affirmation regarding the change of address. The District Board worker provides provisional ballot and affirmation statement to the voter for completion. The affirmation statement constitutes a transfer to the registrant's new residence for any subsequent election and no further action for change of address is required.

If the voter's registration in NOT confirmed, the voter will not be permitted to vote. The voter has the right to go to Superior Court and obtain a Court Order to permit them to vote.

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Landlord Registration

The landlord registration requirement applies to all rental premises or units used for dwelling purposes except owner-occupied premises with not more than two rental units.

Within 30 days of transfer of ownership, or creation of new apartments, the owner must file appropriate registration statements with the Borough Clerk for one or two family non-owner occupied rental dwellings.

For dwellings with more than two rental units the landlord must go to the Bureau of Housing Inspection in the Department of Community Affairs (DCA). A copy of the filed statement will be mailed by DCA to the Borough Clerk for the public records of the municipality.

Please click here for the Certificate of Registration (pdf) to be filed with the Borough Clerk for one or two family non-owner occupied rental dwellings.

After any change in the information required to be included, every landlord shall file an amended certificate of registration within 20 days of the change.

At the time of filing a Certificate of Registration, the landlord shall provide each occupant or tenant in the premises with a copy of the Certificate of Registration. Upon the filing of an amendment to a Certificate of Registration, the landlord shall provide each occupant or tenant in the premises with a copy of the Amended Certificate of Registration within 7 days of filing.

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Municipal Park Usage Approval

On occasion the Borough grants permission for use of the various public parks for private events. Although, we cannot grant exclusive rights for use which would restrict members of the public from the park. However, we will not schedule another event at the same time. Typically tables and chairs and anything leaving marks in the ground are not permitted in most parks. Anything used to further decorate the garden for your ceremony or event must be removed immediately thereafter. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted to be carried or consumed in the public park, street, sidewalk or right of way per State law.

Please send all requests for public park use to:

Borough Clerk
Borough of Haddonfield
P.O. Box 2005
242 Kings Highway East
Haddonfield, New Jersey 08033

Municipal Searches

When a local improvement assessment ordinance is adopted by the Governing Body, immediately upon becoming effective, the improvements so authorized become unconfirmed assessments against the parcel.

The person responsible for issuing "certificates as to liability for assessment for municipal improvements" in the Borough of Haddonfield is the Borough Clerk.

The fee for an assessment search is $10. If the applicant requires another certificate of the same tract within 3 years of issuance of the initial certificate, a continuation certificate may be issued for a fee of $2 per calendar year. The Assessment Search Officer shall issue the Certificate within 15 days of receipt of the application and fees.

Any person who shall acquire interest in land covered by and in reliance on a search which does not indicate an unconfirmed assessment which existed at the time the search was issued, or a search was not issued with the 15 days allowed, shall hold such interest free from any subsequent liens of the municipality for such municipal improvements.

Send all requests for certificate as to the liability for assessment for municipal improvements to the following:

Borough Clerk
Borough of Haddonfield
P.O. Box 3005
242 Kings Highway East
Haddonfield, New Jersey 08033

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Notary Services

The Borough of Haddonfield offers notary services free of charge to the residents of Haddonfield. Notaries are located in the Administration Office, Clerk's Office and the Tax Office. When utilizing these services please do not sign the forms until you are with the Notary. Identification is required to be shown.

OPRA Requests

A request for access to or for a copy of Government Records should be submitted on the OPRA Form which has been adopted by the Municipal Clerk as the Custodian of Records.

For records held within the Borough of Haddonfield's Police Department please go to the Police Department's page for information regarding their requirements.

Some records will be immediately available during normal business hours. Some records will require time to compile and to make the copies requested, but will normally be available during normal business hours and within 7 business days. If any document or copy which has been requested in not a public record or cannot be provided within the 7 business days, you will be provided with a response with that information within the 7 business days.

  • Immediate access is ordinarily available to view budgets, bills, vouchers, contracts, including collective bargaining negations agreements and individual employment contracts, and public employee salary and overtime information. Minutes of public meetings will be generally available immediately after the minutes have been approved.
  • Records which are not readily available or which will require a search of records will be made available as soon as possible and the applicant will be provided with an interim report within 7 business days indicating the time which will be required to provide the records.
  • Except as otherwise provided by law or regulation, the fee assessed for the duplication of a printed records shall be:

    • 8-1/2 x 11 paper (letter) - $0.05 per page
    • 8-1/2 x 14 paper (legal) - $0.07 per page

  • Where a request is for a copy in a format other than a photocopy, reasonable efforts will be made to provide the information in the format requested. Thos cost will be based on the costs of producing the format requested.
  • Where a legal determination must be made as to whether records are "public records" as provided by law, the request will be reviewed by the Borough Solicitor.

The term "public records" generally includes those records determined to be public in accordance with N.J.S.A. 47:1A-1. The term does not include employee personnel files, police investigation records, public assistance files or other matters in which there is a right of privacy or confidentiality or inter-agency or intra-agency advisory, consultative, or deliberative material or other material which is specifically exempted by law. Therefore, documents submitted to the agency, including emails, may be a government record accessible by the public.

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Pet Licensing

Borough Code §69, Article IV and V require the owners of dogs over the age of seven (7) months, and cats over the age of six (6) months to obtain licenses for their pets by January 31st each year. The ordinance also provides for late fees to be charged to owners who fail to obtain licenses by January 31st.

All dogs and cats must be vaccinated against rabies.

Haddonfield annually hosts a free rabies clinic typically on the last Saturday of April from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.  All residents are encouraged to bring their pets for this free service.  Borough personnel are also on hand to license your pet at that time.

For additional information regarding rabies vaccinations from the NJ State Department of Health & Human Services, Camden County Office of the County Health Officer, please click here.

If you would like to receive a yearly reminder to renew your pet's licence via email, please sign up for E-news on the home page.

Print and Complete the application (PDF) and either send or personally deliver the form, along with the appropriate payment, as well as a copy of your pets' proof of rabies vaccination to:

Pet Licensing, Room 101
Borough of Haddonfield
P.O. Box 3005
242 Kings Highway East
Haddonfield, New Jersey 08033.

The fees for licensing are:

Dates Dogs Cats
On or Before January 31st: $21.00 for neutered/spayed
$24.00 for non-neutered/spayed
$17.00 for neutered/spayed
$24.00 for non-neutered/spayed
February 1 to April 30th: $26.00 for neutered/spayed
$29.00 for non-neutered/spayed
$22.00 for neutered/spayed
$29.00 for non-neutered/spayed
After April 30th: $31.00 for neutered/spayed
$34.00 for non-neutered/spayed
$27.00 for neutered/spayed
$34.00 for non-neutered/spayed

Pet Waste Pollutes Our Waters - What You Can Do To Help

Biennially the State of New Jersey requires that each municipality conduct a “Pet Survey”. This survey is to ensure that all dogs, and cats if required by the municipality, are property licensed per State law. The results of these surveys are reported to the State. The most recent survey in Haddonfield was conducted in 2008.

Information about Potentially Dangerous Dog

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Smoke Detector Inspection Requests

Borough Code §114-8(B) entitled Sale or Rental of Property Certificate of Compliance, requires that prior to the sale and settlement of any residential dwelling, the property shall be inspected by the Borough of Haddonfield Bureau of Fire Prevention for compliance with the following smoke detector, carbon monoxide alarm and visible house number requirements (Borough Code §79 entitled Buildings, Numbering of), as per National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) 74-1984, as amended and supplemented, whereupon a certificate of compliance will be issued:

  • Any one- and two-family dwelling containing at least one residential dwelling unit must have at least one smoke detector, in satisfactory working order, on each level of the building or the applicable NFPA standard at the time of the inspection.
  • Any one- and two-family dwelling containing at least one residential dwelling unit must have at least one carbon monoxide alarm installed and in working order or the applicable NJPA standard at the time of inspection. This requirement does not apply to such units in buildings that do not contain a fuel-burning device or have an unattached garage.
  • Any one- and two-family dwelling containing at least one residential dwelling unit shall have placed upon or in front of the portion of building facing the street the proper street address number as assigned by the Borough of Haddonfield. Such number shall be of sufficient size (minimum four inches) and in such a location as to be easily seen (contrasting colors) and read from the street.

Additionally, per County Fire Marshall regulations, all rental units/dwellings shall be inspected for the items listed above each time a new tenant is scheduled to move into that unit/dwelling. The Borough of Haddonfield, Bureau of Fire Prevention is responsible for inspection of all one- and two-family dwelling units. Facilities of more than two units are the responsibility of the County Fire Marshall.

The fee for this inspection shall be $25 made payable to the Borough of Haddonfield, if the application is submitted and paid 5 days prior to settlement or signing of lease. The fee shall be $50 if application is made less than 5 days in advance. If the property does not comply with the requirements, one reinspection will be made at no additional charge. However, additional reinspections will require a prepaid fee of $25 for each reinspection.

The forms are available through the link below, as well as in Room 101, Administration Office, of the Borough Hall located at 242 Kings Highway East, Haddonfield, New Jersey.

Smoke Detector Compliance Form (pdf)

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Solicitor Licensing and Peddler Registration

The purpose of Ordinance Chapter 162 entitled Peddling and Soliciting is to regulate the distribution of certain materials, canvassing, soliciting, peddling and other forms of door-to-door activities and outdoor activities within the Borough of Haddonfield. The registration of persons engaged in the above-mentioned activities with the Haddonfield Police Department is required so that the identity of persons going door to door within the Borough may be established so that the general crime and unethical and dishonest business practices in the solicitation of funds within the Borough and for the protection and maintenance of the health, safety and welfare of the inhabitants of the Borough.

All applicants are required to be fingerprinted. You must come to the Borough Hall (Room 101) to obtain the paperwork necessary to have the fingerprinting done at a specified third-party contractor. The current rate charged for fingerprinting is $41.00. Your application will be processed five days from the date that you were fingerprinted

Please click here for the application for a peddling a soliciting license.

Street Opening Permits

Borough Code §199 entitled Streets and Sidewalks states that it is unlawful for any person, partnership, association or corporation to cut, break into, excavate or open any of the roads, streets, avenues or highways of the Borough of Haddonfield or any portion of the right-of-way thereof, without first making written application to the Borough Clerk stating the kind, by a plan showing the location of such work and the scope of the work to be performed including dimensions and specifications, and obtaining a permit for each and every opening.

Please click here for the application for street opening permits.

The fee and plans should be mailed to:

Borough Clerk
Borough of Haddonfield
P.O. Box 3005
242 Kings Highway East
Haddonfield, New Jersey 08033

Yard/Garage Sale Permits

Borough Code §178 entitled Special Sales, requires that a license must be obtained from the Borough Clerk to conduct a yard/garage sale. The deadline for such license to be obtained is no later than the end of the business day prior to the date of the sale.

The fee to be paid for a license is $5. A late charge of $10 must be paid when a license is applied for and obtained after the date of the sale.

No license may be issued to any person or location more than once in any six-month period.

Yard/garage sales shall not commence before 9:00 a.m. and must be terminated by sundown. No yard/garage sale shall be permitted to be held or conducted on Sunday.

No advertising of yard/garage sales shall be permitted, except that a sign not greater in size than 3 ft by 4 ft may be placed on the property where the sale is to be conducted. Such sign shall be posted not earlier than 7 days prior to the day of the sale and shall be removed not later than 48 hours after the sale is conducted. No sign shall be placed on any public right-of-way.

General Events Permits

Many of our town organizations hold a variety of functions in town which require Borough services. Over the years these requests have expanded and the Commissioners have tried to provide these services for many events at no cost to the organization. However, based on budgetary constraints we may no longer be able to do so. Additionally, there have been some notification issues that have arisen over the last couple of years. In an effort to streamline our involvement and the services needed an application now must be completed for all events in town by local and outside organizations which may require the use of Borough services. The completed applications are must be submitted a minimum of six (6) weeks prior to the event.

Submit an application online.
Print out an application to send via mail.

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