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Haddonfield New Jersey 08033

Public Works

General Information

Location: Public Works Department
555 Centre Street
Haddonfield, NJ 08033
Hours of Operation: 7:00 am to 3:30 pm Monday through Friday
Public Works Superintendent: Greg Ley
Emergency Phone:
856-429-0183, ext. 0.
856-429-3000 for emergencies if no answer at office number after hours.
Fax: 856-429-0220
Email: gley@haddonfield-nj.gov

Information on Sale of Water and Wastewater Utility Systems

9-25-2014: 30-Year Roadway Cost Analysis


Report a Pothole
Snow Removal

Garbage & Trash

Report a problem with Trash / Recycling
2016 Holiday Trash Schedule
Recycling Poster
Refuse Collection & Schedule
Vegetative Waste
Recycling Program
Spring Cleanup
Leaf Collection
Chipper Schedule
Latex Paint Disposal Procedures
Camden County Hazardous Waste Removal Information


Shade Trees
Report a dead tree
Request a tree to be trimmed

Stormwater Regulations

2015 Stormwater Letter and Action Plan (pdf 601kb)
Solutions to Stormwater Pollution
(pdf 523K)
What is a Watershed? (pdf 477K)
How Does Urbanization Change a Watershed? (pdf 263K)
What is Nonpoint Source Pollution? (pdf 135K)
What is Ground Water? (pdf 239K)
Fact Sheets - Various Composting Strategies

Solid Waste Collection Analysis June 2010

Report a pothole

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During snow events please make arrangements to park your car either in a borough parking lot or private property overnight so that we may more easily plow the streets without plowing your vehicle in. Additionally, the Borough does not clear driveways that get blocked in the process of plowing the streets. It is common for the Borough to make two passes on each street. The first pass is to clear a traffic lane. This will be done through the full town. A second pass will then be made to widen the lane from curb to curb. This will clear the parking lanes. If your car is parked in the street we will not be able to do this affectively. It is likely that during this process we may place snow in driveways that have already been cleared. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

232-23. Temporary parking prohibition for snow plowing and removal.
A. Whenever snow has fallen and the accumulation is such that it covers the street or highway, an emergency shall exist and no vehicle shall be parked on the following streets or highways or portions therefrom indicated. The above parking prohibitions shall remain in effect after the snow has ceased until the streets have been plowed sufficiently and to the extent that parking will not interfere with the normal flow of traffic.

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NEW TRASH COLLECTOR CONTACT INFORMATION- Waste Management- 800-633-9096. Select Option #2 for existing customer. When you reach a representative, the account number is “Haddonfield Borough”. This change takes effect Wednesday, July 1st.


Maps delineating the area receiving collection each day are available in Room 101 at the Borough Hall.  Questions regarding trash collection for a particular location can be answered by calling 856-429-0183 (DPW).

Holidays - On certain holidays, trash will be postponed as listed in the calendar.

Placement and Timing - It is illegal to rake or place anything into the street.  No refuse shall be placed for collection on any sidewalk prior to 1:00PM of the day before collection.  Business District trash cannot be put out before 5:00PM of the day before collection.  Refuse must be out by 7:00AM for residential areas and by 6:30AM for Businesses on the scheduled trash day to insure collection.  Homeowners must notify landscapers that cans of clippings cannot be left out for days.  They must be put out on regular trash pick up days.  PLASTIC BAGS ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTED FOR YARD DEBRIS.

Construction Debris - No construction debris requiring a building permit will be picked up.  Any person doing construction work shall be informed when they obtain their Building Permit that such debris must be disposed of at a state approved sanitary landfill.  Permit forms to dispose of items at the Pennsauken Landfill, at the property owner’s cost, are available in Room 104 at Borough Hall.  Call 429-4700 ext. 224 for information.  Dumpsters cannot be placed in the street without special permission from the Police Dept.  Dumpsters must be properly reflectorized per State law. Residents performing renovation work on their own are limited to 3 items of construction debris.  Should the work generate more than this amount of waste, the resident should obtain a container for disposal of debris.

Rules - For the health and safety of the trash collection personnel and the most efficient operation of the collection system, the following important rules are necessary:

  • Trash must be in placed curbside in metal or plastic cans with lids of no more than 32-gallon capacity or heavy-duty plastic bags of 1.3 mil thickness.
  • Trash will not be picked up in paper bags, cardboard boxes, containers larger than 32 gallons, bushel baskets, metal or plastic tubs.
  • No single item (except bulk items as delineated below) may weigh more than 50 pounds at time of collection. Trash is limited to 6 pieces per week, per residence.
  • Trash placed curbside in cardboard boxes (ex. Styrofoam peanuts put out in cardboard boxes) will be tagged and not picked up.  Trash and recycling must be separated for pickup.
  • Stone, dirt, and masonry products will not be taken by the Borough.  These must be taken to a private disposal facility by the resident.
  • Food waste (garbage) must be combined with trash in permitted covered trashcans not to exceed 50 pounds.  Food waste should be bagged and placed out for trash.
  • Shredded paper is now considered recycling and will not be picked up as trash. Please do not place shredded paper in plastic bags.

  • Bulk Items - Furniture, appliances, mattresses, etc.  These items will be picked up with the weekly collection and must be no larger than what can fit in the back of a standard 8’ pickup truck bed, nor heavier than two men can safely lift.  Refrigerators must have doors removed for safety.  These items will be picked up separately during the trash day.  Carpet will not be picked up as bulk items unless it is cut into 4-foot lengths, rolled in pieces not to exceed 50 pounds.

  • The borough provides one “Move-Out” pickup per residence to assist homeowners when selling their home. This special pickup relaxes the 6 piece per residence limit and allows for additional items to be placed for pickup on the scheduled trash day. To assure that all items are removed, it is necessary for the trash removal company to be notified in advance of the trash day. Please call Waste Management at 800-633-9096
    • All items placed curbside must meet the requirements for proper placement of trash found under "Trash Regulations."
    • Only a reasonable amount of trash will be taken by the trash company for a Move Out pickup. Excessively large amounts of trash or household cleanouts will require a dumpster or disposed at a state approved sanitary landfill such as the Pennsauken Landfill, at the property owner’s cost.

Haddonfield is a leader in recycling through the cooperation of our residents and businesses.  Recycling is mandated by law and enforcement guidelines have been established.  The items will be collected each week on the regular trash day.

For sewer emergencies contact New Jersey American Water Customer Service Center: 1-800-272-1325. They are available at this number 24 hours, 7 days a week.
The Public Works Department is responsible for storm drains and inlets on Borough streets. Camden County Public Works is responsible for storm water facilities on County roads.

Report a Garbage / Recycling Issue

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Please check on the main page of the Borough Website under Borough Bulletins for Holiday and Special Collection Announcements.

New Years - Jan 2 - double trash/recycling pickup
Martin Luther King day – Jan. 18 - normal trash pickup, Jan. 19 – double recycle pickup
Presidents Day - Feb. 15 - normal trash pickup, Feb. 16 - double recycling pickup
Good Friday – March 25 - normal trash and recycling pickup
Memorial Day - May 30 - double trash and recycling
4th of July – July 5 – double trash and recycling
Labor Day - Sept 6 - double trash and recycling
Columbus Day - Oct. 10 - Normal trash pickup, Oct. 11 - double recycling
Veterans Day - Nov. 11 - Normal trash and recycling pickup
Thanksgiving - Nov. 25 - double trash; recycling pickup on 11/25 for Thursday Section and 11/26 for Friday Section
Christmas - Dec. 27 - double trash and recycling

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Red & Blue Recycling Containers
Haddonfield has gone single stream with recycling.  This means that your paper and cardboard recycling can be mixed with your bottle and can recycling.  All glass, metal, plastic, newspapers and other clean paper, cardboard and other items for recycling collection can be mixed in your red and blue cans.  This includes any color glass, tin, aluminum cans, plastic soda, milk, juice, detergent and other coded plastic containers (1, 2, 4, 5, 7), (most coded plastic except PVC and Styrofoam), newspapers, other clean paper, magazines and paperback books. Containers should be rinsed, loose lids discarded, but labels can remain.  Plastic containers should be flattened.

Corrugated boxes must be broken down for pickup, should be cut into 2’ x 3’ pieces, and may be bundled together or put into the red and blue buckets.  All buckets should be a maximum of 50 lbs.  Shredded paper is considered recycling and should be put in your recycling bucket.  Hard-backed books are considered trash and should be put out as such.

Flourescent home use (cork screw style) energy efficient light bulbs and rechargeable batteries are recyclable and cannot be placed in the trash.  Take them to either hazardous waste or contact a local or chain hardware store to inquire about drop off.  Household standard use batteries (non-rechargeable) may be disposed of in the weekly trash.  For a complete, updated list of recyclable materials, please see the Public Works page of the Haddonfield Website at www.haddonfieldnj.org.

All Replacement Recycling containers (Red and Green) are available at the Public Works facility, 555 Centre Street, for a fee of $10.00 each.


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Effective January 2011, all municipalities will be required to pick up electronics waste as a separate pickup for recycling. Therefore, on January 3rd the Borough of Haddonfield will begin picking up the following items on your regular trash day:

  • 15, 17, 19 and 21 inch monitors, flat screens and all-in-ones
  • Televisions (no consoles)
  • Towers, desktops and laptops
  • Uninterrupted power supply (i.e. batter backup units)
  • Keyboards, mouse and speakers
  • All type of wire
  • Gold clip ends
  • Printers, fax machines, scanners, modems, copy machines
  • All type of memory
  • Any hard drives
  • Fans and power supplies
  • Mother, B, C, Tweener and Finger Boards
  • AC Adaptors, yokes and motors
  • Plastic, tied in bundles (baled) or loose (i.e. computer shells, casings, etc.)
  • Aluminum, brass, light iron and copper
  • Metals, tied in bundles (baled) or loose
  • Any and all related computer parts
  • Phones, cell phones, pagers, cell phone and laptop batteries
  • PC scrap and stereos (NO WOOD)
  • VCR’s, DVD’s, CD players, boomboxes
  • Any audio and visual equipment
  • Cash Registers and scales (electronic or mechanical)
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Household appliances not containing compressors

These items should be put curbside on the ground separate from your normal recycling (paper, cans, bottles, plastic jugs, etc). A separate truck will pick these items up on your regular trash day
Console televisions must be broken apart and the electronics portion (tv set) separated from the wooden console for curbside pickup. The Boro cannot take a console unit unless it is broken apart as we cannot lawfully dispose of the electronics portion in the trash stream nor will our electronics recycling service accept the wooden console. If a resident does not want to separate the electronics from the wooden console, they can take the entire unit to Best Buy or another electronics store for recycling.

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From November thru March, the vegetative waste truck will run on the 3rd trash week of each month which begins on the third Monday of the month.  It will only run one week per month during these months.

Where disposal is the choice, from first full week of April (beginning on the first Monday collection) thru October, the Borough will pick up grass clippings, branches and leaves for composting if put out for collection in one of the following ways:

  • In Borough supplied green vegetative waste containers
  • In open containers (Max. 50 pounds) with a Borough provided yellow sticker on it;
  • In compostable paper bags

Grass Clippings and Small Yard Waste - It is strongly recommended that grass be cut with a mulching mower or often enough to avoid the need for removing the grass clippings as stated in the State-wide “Cut It and Leave It” program.  These mulching methods leave the small clippings in the lawn, which makes for healthier lawn and avoid the major cost and environmental problems due to disposing of grass clippings as trash.

No container can exceed 50 pounds at the time of collection.  Note that grass in containers will absorb moisture and weigh more after placed in container.  Be sure not to place too much in each bag or can.  Grass clippings and yard waste must be put out on your regular trash day.  Landscapers cannot cut grass and leave out for days.  PLASTIC BAGS FOR YOUR YARD WASTE ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE.
Brush - Hedges, bushes, vines, shrubbery, bamboo, etc.  This must be tied in bundles of no more than 50 pounds and may not exceed four feet in length, or placed in your green trash containers.

Tree Limbs and Branches - May be bundled as brush for pickup by the vegetative waste truck or placed unbundled to be chipped (not put in trash trucks).  This is an important part of the Borough’s recycling program. 

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SPRING CLEANUP (April, 2016)

Beginning Monday, April 4, 2016 and ending Friday, April 29, 2016, the Public Works Department of the Borough of Haddonfield will provide special Spring Cleanup. During this period, the Borough relaxes the 6 piece per residence limit for household trash pickup and encourages residents to clean out attics, basements, garages, and yards. All items placed curbside must meet the requirements for proper placement of trash found under “Trash Regulations.”

During this period special trucks will also pick up leaves and other yard debris. The leaves may be piled between the curb and the sidewalk without being in containers. Residents must have patience, as it will not be possible handle the unusually large quantity put out in the spring on a weekly basis. This program provides a method for property owners to get rid of the yard debris which accumulates over the winter. It lasts for four weeks. Upon completion of this four week period, the normal regulations regarding trash and brush removal will be reinstated.

During Spring cleanup, the chipper will run the 1st and 3rd weeks; the leaf machine will run the 2nd and 4th weeks. Two (2) collections by each machine will be provided.

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Each fall, from the beginning of November through early December, the massive job of collecting leaves begins.  The Borough will provide a total of 3 pickups during leaf season; one (1) pickup during the first two (2) weeks of November and two (2) additional pickups prior to the end of the leaf season, (on or about the second week of December).  Only piles will be collected.  DO NOT RAKE LEAVES INTO GUTTER OR STREETS.  Do not bag leaves during this time period.  Residents are encouraged to compost their leaves on their own property for use as fertilizer and to reduce the quantity that must be collected.  After the leaf trucks have completed their three (3) passes, all leaves must be placed in recyclable paper bags or in cans marked for vegetative waste.

During Leaf season, the chipper will be suspended from pickups.  (i.e. November and December)


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Tree Limbs and Branches - Branches to be chipped will be picked up on your trash day the first full week of each month.  The Borough will not pick up entire trees taken down from private property or tree stumps.  Limbs may be a maximum of 6 inches in diameter.

Bamboo cannot be chipped and must be tied and bundled for pickup by our vegetative waste truck.

From January thru March, the chipper truck will only run on the first full trash week of the month, beginning on the first Monday of the month.

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The Borough owns approximately 9,500 trees planted along our streets.  Each year many are trimmed for beauty and safety, or removed if they have died or been severely damaged.  The Shade Tree Commission decides what to do with the trees, and the type and location for planting new trees.  Only Shade Tree Dept. personnel are to remove or trim Borough owned trees.  Proposals for planting new trees must be approved in writing by the Shade Tree Commission.  For further information, call 429-0183.

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