Road Program

Reports -   

              Pavement Management Report (2016)
Each roadway is broken down into blocks with a rating for each block.  If you are looking for your street you may want to first look it up alphabetically to determine your rating, and then look at where it falls on the ratings list.
                2016 Road Rating by Street Name (alphabetical)
                2016 Road Ratings

The Commissioners have agreed on the road program for 2017-2021.  The roads picked are generally based on road condition rating.  There are a few cases where additional blocks of roads have been added to complete a street.

Roberts Ave Speedbumps

Tree removal letter
List of trees to be removed as part of road project

            Roads to be done -                                            

                                  Birdwood Ave                   Hopkins to Windsor
                                   Briarcliff Court                   Terminus to Estaugh Ave
                                   East Atlantic Ave              East Summit to East Cottage
                                   East Atlantic Ave              East Cottage to East Park
                                   East Atlantic Ave              East Park to Lincoln Ave
                                   Estaugh Ave                       KHY to Euclid Ave
                                   Estaugh Ave                       Trueman to Redman
                                  Jefferson Ave                    Chews Landing Road to Evans Ave
                                  Jefferson Ave                    Evans Ave to Overhill Ave
                                  Jefferson Ave                    Overhill Ave to Warwick Rd
                                  Lane of Acres                     Washington Ave to Cul-de-sac
                                  Linden Ave                         Redman Ave to Mount Vernon Ave
                                  Maple Court                       Cul-de-sac to Maple Ave
                                  Mount Vernon Ave         Patco to Haddon Ave
                                  North Edge Park               Grove St to Wayside Lane
                                  Princeton Ave                   Marne Ave to Maple Ave
                                  Reillywood Ave                 Chestnut St to Centre St
                                  Reillywood Ave                 Centre St to Walnut St
                                  Reillywood Ave                 Walnut St to Spruce St
                                  Roberts Ave                       the Terminus to Wellington Ave
                                  Roberts Ave                       Wellington Ave to Springfield Terrace
                                  Roberts Ave                       Springfield Terrace to the Curve
                                  Roberts Ave                       The Curve to Belmont Ave
                                  Roberts Ave                       Belmont Ave to KHY
                                  Wedgewood Lane           Washington Ave to Cul-de-sac
                                  Wellington Ave                 Prospect Rd to Roberts Ave
                                  Windsor Ave                      Wood Lane to Grove St
                                  Windsor Ave                      Grove St to Birdwood Ave

           Roads to be done - 
 Concord Drive                  Upland Way to Oak Ridge Drive
                                Center St                Ellis St to Lincoln Ave
                                Ellis St                  South Haddon Ave to Centre St
                                Springfield Terrace        Potter St to Roberts Ave
                                Walnut St                E. Park Ave to Reillywood Ave
                                West Atlantic Ave            Lincoln Ave to Colonial Ridge Dr
                                West Cottage Ave         Warwick Ave to W. Atlantic Ave
                                West Park Av             Warwick Ave to W. Atlantic Ave
           Work to be done
            Construction Updates

           Roads to be done - 
                                                     Friends Ave -                  Kings Highway East to Lake St
                                                     Beechwood Ave              Grove St to the Terminus
                                                     Narberth Ave                   Merion Ave to Somerset Ave     
                                                     Clinton Ave                      Oak Ave to Hickory Lane   
                                                     Lake Street                      Haddon Ave to Friends Ave 
                                                     Bryn Mawr Ave                Maple Ave to Beechwood Ave
                                                     Redwood Ave                  Cedar Ave to Grove St
                                                     Farwood Circle                Farwood Rd to Cul-de-sac

            Work to be done
            Construction Schedule
            Resolution awarding bids
            Bids Results
            Resolution authorizing going out to bid

            Project Updates