Article I – Body Corporate, Duties

The Board of Trustees is a duly incorporated body under the name of “The Board of Trustees of the Free Public Library of Haddonfield of the Borough of Haddonfield” existing by virtue of law (N. J. Revised Statutes. Vol. II. Title 40. Chapter 54. Sec. 11) and exercises its powers and authority and assuming the responsibilities delegated to it under the said statute.

Article II – Membership

Section 1 – Appointments and Terms of Office

Appointments, vacancies, and terms of office are as provided by the relevant subsections of the New Jersey State Statutes, for municipal and joint libraries (N.J.S.A. 40:54-9 and 40:54-10). New board members shall be sworn in upon notification that they are members, according to N.J.S.A. 41:2-1, by either the President of the Library Board, Borough Clerk of Haddonfield, or by another person authorized by law to administer oaths.

Section 2 – Meeting Attendance

Members shall be expected to attend all meetings except as they are prevented by a valid reason. See N.J.S.A. 40A:9-12.1 for reasons/ causes for vacancies.

Article III – Officers

Section 1

The officers shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Assistant Treasurer elected at the annual meeting to serve for one year and until their successors are elected and qualify. They shall be the members of the Board. Vacancies in offices shall be filled by election for the unexpired term at the first regular meeting of the Board after the vacancy occurs.

Section 2

The Director of the Free Public Library of Haddonfield shall serve as assistant secretary of the Board, ex-officio.

Section 3

The President shall preside at all meetings of the Board, authorize calls for any special meetings, appoint all committees, execute all documents or contracts authorized by the Board, serve as an ex officio voting member of the committees, and generally perform all the duties associated with that office.

Section 4

In the absence of the president or of a vacancy in that office, the vice-president shall act in his or her stead. In the absence of both president and vice-president a trustee designated by the Board shall exercise the president’s functions.

Section 5

a. The Secretary shall keep an accurate account of the proceedings of all meetings of the Board, shall have custody of the minutes and other records of the Board, shall issue notice of all regular and special meetings and shall perform such other duties as are generally associated with that office.

b. The library director or a member of the staff may be designated by the board to perform any or all of the above duties. A paid recording secretary may be employed to record the minutes.

Section 6

a. The Treasurer shall be the disbursing officer of the Board, shall have charge of its funds and shall keep the accounts of the Board. He shall pay all bills properly approved by the majority of the Board or ordered paid by the Board at any open regular or special meeting except the payroll which shall be paid upon the approval of the President of the Board and the Director. In case of the inability of the Treasurer to perform this function due to absence or illness, the Assistant Treasurer of the Board shall serve or any member of the Board designated in writing by the President shall temporarily so serve. The Treasurer shall present a monthly financial report to the board showing in detail the amount and investment of, and income and disbursements from, the funds in his or her charge.

b. All moneys, no matter how or from what source received, shall be deposited by the Treasurer to the Library’s credit in banks as designated by the Board or in a recognized community foundation designated by the Board to act as fiduciary agent. Withdrawals from such authorized account will be made by checks or withdrawal orders and signed by any two of the following: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer or Library Director. The Treasurer shall give bond in such amount as may be required by resolution of the Board in connection with any funds of the Library not covered by blanket municipal bond.

c. The Treasurer at his discretion will pay, subject to final confirmation of the Board, any bills, which would normally be approved at the next meeting of the Board, but which would be discounted a certain percent to the advantage of the Library if paid within a specified period, prior to the time of approval at a Board Meeting.

d. Gifts of money, securities or real property made to the Library or Board for library purposes shall be acknowledged by the Secretary, reported to the Board, and managed by the Treasurer as directed by the Board.

e. An annual audit of the library shall be conducted, independent of the Borough of Haddonfield’s annual audit, and paid for by the Library Board of Trustees as a library expenditure. Review of the auditing firm shall be done at least every five years.

Article IV – Meetings

Section 1

The regular meeting shall be held at 8:00 a.m. at the Library on the fourth Tuesday of each month; subject to change by a majority of the Board by telephone canvass or email communication if a quorum cannot be obtained for the regular time, except that, in the discretion of the Board of Trustees, the meetings so scheduled for July, August, or both, in any year may be omitted by appropriate action taken by the Board at its regular meeting in June of such year. The January meeting shall be the annual meeting for the election of officers. The meeting dates are posted and advertised according to the Open Public Meeting Law (N.J. S. A. 10:4-6).

Section 2

Special meetings may be called by the President or at the request of three Trustees and the notices for such special meetings shall state the object or objects for which they are called.

Section 3

The order of business for regular meetings shall include, but not be limited to, the following items, which shall be covered in the sequence shown so far as the circumstances of the meeting will permit:

Call to order.
Announcement of compliance with the Open Public Meetings Law
Roll call of members (establishment of the quorum)
Welcome to visitors with instructions on when to address the board
Agenda approval
Approval of minutes of prior meeting(s)
Financial report
Action on bills
Reports of officers and director
Committee reports
Unfinished business
New Business
Public presentation to, or discussion with the board
Confirm next meeting date

Section 4 – Agendas and Notices

Meeting agendas and notices shall indicate the time, date, and place of the meeting and indicate subject matters intended for consideration at the meeting

Section 5 – Minutes

Minutes of all meetings shall, at a minimum, include the date, time and place of the meeting; the names of all board members present and absent; the substance of all matters proposed, discussed or decided, and a record and result of votes taken; the names of the public who appeared and substance of their comments; and other meeting information that board members request be entered in the record. Board minutes should be available to the public according to the

Section 6 – Quorum

A quorum at all meetings shall consist of five members of the Board.

Section 7 – Open Public Meetings Law Compliance

All board meetings and all committee meetings shall be held in compliance with New Jersey’s Open Public Meetings Law (N. J. S. A. 10: 4-6.).

Section 8 – Parliamentary Authority

Conduct of meetings shall be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order, latest edition.

Article V – Committees

Section 1

a. There may be the following standing committees of one or more members each (not counting the President, ex-officio) appointed by the President at the annual meeting to serve for one year and until their successors shall be appointed

1. Budget and Finance.
2. Personnel and Salaries.
3. Books and Periodicals.
4. Policies and Procedures.
5. Buildings and Grounds.
6. Nominating

b. These committees shall have advisory powers only, not administrative, except on matters referred to them by vote of the Board “with power to act”.

c. Special committees may be appointed at any time by the president or authorized and appointed by the Board. They shall be advisory only unless clothed by the Board “with power”.

Section 2

The Board of Trustees and its officers shall also be governed by all other regulations specified in the Library Law of the State of New Jersey as applied to municipalities operating under its provisions and by all other state legislation applicable.

Article VI – The Director

Section 1

a. The Director shall be the executive and administrative officer of the Library, on behalf of the Board of Trustees, and under these By-Laws and the Board’s declared policies and rules shall have general charge of the Library and of all persons employed therein by the Board. The director shall act as technical advisor to the board. The director shall attend all board meetings except those at which the director’s salary or appointment are to be discussed or decided. The library director shall have no vote. The Director shall recommend the appointment and determine the duties of all employees, shall recommend to the Board for adoption a Position Classification and Pay Plan and shall administer the plan when adopted. The Director shall be held responsible to the Board for the proper management of the Library, for the preservation and care of its property, and for the discipline and efficiency of its staff and service. The Director shall not permit the use of the Library grounds, building or equipment by any person, group or organization for meetings or exhibits without the express prior approval of the Board.

b. The Board specifically delegates to the Director as its executive officer interim authority to appoint all part-time, or temporary employees and all employees in the non-professional classified, service, which appointments shall be reported to the Board monthly for its approval.

c. The Director shall certify to the correctness of all bills before their approval by the Board, except in the case of expenditures directly ordered by the Board or one of its Committees.

Section 2

a. In the absence (other than temporary) of the Director the Trustees shall designate the Assistant Director or a head of a department “Acting Director,” who shall, for the interim, have the powers, duties and responsibilities assigned the Director in these By-Laws.

b. In the temporary absence of the Director the Assistant Director shall attend to the details of the management of the Library, subject to such instructions as the Director may have issued to cover the interim.

Article VII – Conflict of Interest

Section 1

Board members may not in their private capacity negotiate, bid for, or enter into a contract with the Haddonfield Public Library in which they have a direct or indirect financial interest.

Section 2

A board member shall withdraw from board discussion, deliberation, and vote on any matter in which the board member, an immediate family member, or an organization with which the board member is associated or has a financial interest.

Section 3

A board member may not receive anything of value that could reasonably be expected to influence his or her vote or other official action.

Article VIII – General

Section 1

An affirmation vote of the majority of all members of the Board present at the time shall be necessary to approve any action before the Board. The President may vote upon and may move or second a proposal before the Board.

Section 2.

The By-Laws may be amended by a majority vote of all members of the Board provided written notice of the proposed amendment shall have been e-mailed to all members at least ten days prior to the meeting at which such action is proposed to be taken.

Section 3.

Any rule or resolution of the Board, whether contained in these By-Laws or otherwise, may be suspended temporarily in connection with business at hand, but such suspension, to be valid, may be taken only at a meeting at which two-thirds of the members of the Board shall be present and two-thirds of those present shall so approve.

Adopted: February 26, 2008 by the Library Board of Trustees

Revised and Readopted on February 23, 2010 and January 2012 by the Library Board of Trustees