Recycling Program


Red & Blue Recycling Containers
Haddonfield has gone single stream with recycling.  This means that your paper and cardboard recycling can be mixed with your bottle and can recycling.  All glass, metal, plastic, newspapers and other clean paper, cardboard and other items for recycling collection can be mixed in your red and blue cans.  This includes any color glass, tin, aluminum cans, plastic soda, milk, juice, detergent and other coded plastic containers (1, 2, 4, 5, 7), (most coded plastic except PVC and Styrofoam), newspapers, other clean paper, magazines and paperback books. Containers should be rinsed, loose lids discarded, but labels can remain.  Plastic containers should be flattened.

Corrugated boxes must be broken down for pickup, should be cut into 2’ x 3’ pieces, and may be bundled together or put into the red and blue buckets.  All buckets should be a maximum of 50 lbs.  Shredded paper is considered recycling and should be put in your recycling bucket.  Hard-backed books are considered trash and should be put out as such.

Florescent home use (cork screw style) energy efficient light bulbs and rechargeable batteries are recyclable and cannot be placed in the trash.  Take them to either hazardous waste or contact a local or chain hardware store to inquire about drop off.  Household standard use batteries (non-rechargeable) may be disposed of in the weekly trash.  For a complete, updated list of recyclable materials, please see the Public Works page of the Haddonfield Website at

All Replacement Recycling containers (Red and Green) are available at the Public Works facility, 555 Centre Street, for a fee of $10.00 each.