Refuse Collection & Schedule

Maps delineating the area receiving collection each day are available in Room 101 at the Borough Hall.  Questions regarding trash collection for a particular location can be answered by calling 856-429-0183 (DPW).

Holidays - On certain holidays, trash will be postponed as listed in the calendar.

Placement and Timing - It is illegal to rake or place anything into the street.  No refuse shall be placed for collection on any sidewalk prior to 1:00PM of the day before collection.  Business District trash cannot be put out before 5:00PM of the day before collection.  Refuse must be out by 7:00AM for residential areas and by 6:30AM for Businesses on the scheduled trash day to insure collection.  Homeowners must notify landscapers that cans of clippings cannot be left out for days.  They must be put out on regular trash pick up days.  PLASTIC BAGS ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTED FOR YARD DEBRIS.

Construction Debris - No construction debris requiring a building permit will be picked up.  Any person doing construction work shall be informed when they obtain their Building Permit that such debris must be disposed of at a state approved sanitary landfill.  Permit forms to dispose of items at the Pennsauken Landfill, at the property owner’s cost, are available in Room 104 at Borough Hall.  Call 429-4700 ext. 210 for information.  Dumpsters cannot be placed in the street without special permission from the Police Dept.  Dumpsters must be properly reflectorized per State law. Residents performing renovation work on their own are limited to 3 items of construction debris.  Should the work generate more than this amount of waste, the resident should obtain a container for disposal of debris.

Rules - For the health and safety of the trash collection personnel and the most efficient operation of the collection system, the following important rules are necessary:

  • Trash must be in placed curbside in metal or plastic cans with lids of no more than 32-gallon capacity or heavy-duty plastic bags of 1.3 mil thickness.

  • Trash will not be picked up in paper bags, cardboard boxes, containers larger than 32 gallons, bushel baskets, metal or plastic tubs.

  • No single item (except bulk items as delineated below) may weigh more than 50 pounds at time of collection. Trash is limited to 6 pieces per week, per residence.

  • Trash placed curbside in cardboard boxes (ex. Styrofoam peanuts put out in cardboard boxes) will be tagged and not picked up.  Trash and recycling must be separated for pickup.

  • Stone, dirt, and masonry products will not be taken by the Borough.  These must be taken to a private disposal facility by the resident.

  • Food waste (garbage) must be combined with trash in permitted covered trash cans not to exceed 50 pounds.  Food waste should be bagged and placed out for trash.

  • Shredded paper is now considered recycling and will not be picked up as trash. Please do not place shredded paper in plastic bags.

  • Bulk Items - Furniture, appliances, mattresses, etc.  These items will be picked up with the weekly collection and must be no larger than what can fit in the back of a standard 8’ pickup truck bed, nor heavier than two men can safely lift.  Refrigerators must have doors removed for safety.  These items will be picked up separately during the trash day.  Carpet will not be picked up as bulk items unless it is cut into 4-foot lengths, rolled in pieces not to exceed 50 pounds.

  • The Borough provides one “Move-Out” pickup per residence to assist homeowners when selling their home. This special pickup relaxes the 6 piece per residence limit and allows for additional items to be placed for pickup on the scheduled trash day. To assure that all items are removed, it is necessary for the trash removal company to be notified in advance of the trash day. Please call Waste Management at 800-633-9096

    • All items placed curbside must meet the requirements for proper placement of trash found under "Trash Regulations."
    • Only a reasonable amount of trash will be taken by the trash company for a Move Out pickup. Excessively large amounts of trash or household cleanouts will require a dumpster or disposed at a state approved sanitary landfill such as the Pennsauken Landfill, at the property owner’s cost.

Haddonfield is a leader in recycling through the cooperation of our residents and businesses.  Recycling is mandated by law and enforcement guidelines have been established.  The items will be collected each week on the regular trash day.