Bancroft Site - Redevelopment Plan

The ordinance amending the redevelopment plan was introduced on January 23, 2018.  The Public Hearing for the amending ordinance is scheduled for Tuesday, February 13, 2018 at 7:30pm at the Commissioners Meeting in Borough Hall.
                     Ordinance amending the Bancroft Redevelopment Plan                     
                     Exhibit 1 - original memo from Phil Caton - dated November 1, 2017
                     Exhibit 2 - Planning Board Resolution
                     Exhibit 3 - amended memo from Phil Caton - dated January 17, 2018

Agreements to purchase the Bancroft property
                       Agreement with Bancroft 
                          Agreement with 2 Hopkins Lane, LLC

Round 3 - 2015 to 2018
Bancroft Update by the Board of Commissioners - January 2018
Redevelopment Plan Amendment for 11-2-17 Board of Commissioners meeting
Conceptual Plans, Elevations and Site Plan proposed by O'Neill Properties Group
Planning Board meetings for amendment
                                             November 29    7:30 pm
                                             December 5      7:30 pm
                                             December 20    7:30 pm
Tax Rate Analysis - Bancroft Property

Final Redevelopment Plan report
Financial Analysis

Commissioners approve Redevelopment Plan
                                     Press Release

Planning Board approves Redevelopment Plan - resolution  
Planning Board Report
Draft Redevelopment Plan report
Presentation to Planning Board on 
Resolution to designate area in need of redevelopment
Presentation to Planning Board on
Commissioners resolution requesting the Planning Board to designate an area in need of Redevelopment

Round 2 - 2011 to 2012
October 5, 2012
NEW Bancroft documents available for review - special BOE meeting scheduled to discuss on 10/9/2012 at 6:00 p.m. at HMHS Library. Board of Commissioners will discuss at regularly scheduled meeting held 10/9/2012 at 7:30 p.m. in Borough Hall. Agreement of Sale – Bancroft, Board of Education, Borough of Haddonfield Lease of Property – between Board of Education and Bancroft

August 31, 2012
In light of the completion of negotiations and the signing of the Letter of Intent among Bancroft, the Board of Education, and the Borough, the Commissioners have authorized the release of the October 2005 appraisal performed on the Bancroft property.  The appraisal is now available for public review on the borough website ( and on the redevelopment process website (

It should be noted that this appraisal is now seven years old and has no legal validity. It was based upon the R-2 residential zoning previously established which restricted development to single-family homes on lot sizes of 20,000 square feet (approximately ½ acre).  It ignored the potential for other uses. The appraisal also took into account the COAH requirements in effect at the time.  However it should be noted that the 20,000 square feet lot size is not a typical lot size for affordable housing or for housing in the Borough generally. At the time, the appraiser noted that any changes to these assumptions would impact the estimated market value of the property assigned in the appraisal.  

2005 Bancroft Appraisal Part 1

2005 Bancroft Appraisal Part 2


Proposed Letter of Intent for the purchase of the Bancroft site for public use


Borough launches website dedicated to Bancroft redevelopment.


Site Redevelopment Plan-- prepared by Heyer, Gruel & Associates.

ParenteBeard: Overview of Bancroft Redevelopment Plan: Potential for a CCRC – October 2010
Bancroft-Banish: Fiscal Impact Analysis – June 2010
Heyer, Gruel & Associates: Fiscal Impact Analysis – October 2010
Heyer, Gruel & Associates: Open Space Feasibility Study for the Bancroft Site
Heyer, Gruel & Associates: Response to Traffic Issues – October 2010
Heyer, Gruel & Associates: Existing Disturbed Area & Revised Concept Plan – East Side of Hopkins Lane – October 2010
Heyer, Gruel & Associates: Size, Impervious and Building Coverage – October 2010
Trip Generation Analysis – Provided by Bancroft – October 2010 

Bancroft Site – Redevelopment Plan – August 2010 (pdf)
Fiscal Impact Analysis – Bancroft Site – October 2006 (pdf)
Redevelopment Area Determination Report – Bancroft Site – October 2005 (pdf)