Anti-Idling Public Service Announcement

A message from Commissioner Neal Rochford, Police Chief Ted Stuessy and Julie Beddingfield-Chair of the Environmental Commission and Sustainable Haddonfield

Anti-Idling Education and Enforcement Program

Many of us do it, but are unaware of our actions or their impacts. A car is idling when the engine is turned on but the vehicle is not in motion. This is not only unnecessary, but it is harmful to the environment and our health.  New Jersey law states that, with limited exceptions, no motor vehicle (diesel or gasoline fueled) may have its engine running if stopped for more than three consecutive minutes.

Why is it Important

  • Idling for only 10 seconds uses more gas than it takes to restart the car. Contrary to popular belief, turning a car on and off will not harm the engine.
  • Idling also has negative health impacts such as exacerbating asthma (effecting up to 25% of NJ’s school-aged children). When we “turn the key” on idling, we lower dangerous health risks and help improve air quality.
  • In two minutes, an idling car burns enough gas to travel one mile. On average, an automobile emits one pound of CO2 emissions for driving one mile.
  • Transportation uses account for 30 to 40 percent of the nation’s total CO2 emissions.  CO2 is a major contributor to global climate change
  • Vehicle exhaust contaminates the air with harmful particles and chemicals. Fine particle pollution in NJ may cause more premature deaths than homicides and car accidents combined.

For more information, see, or contact

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Healthy Lawn Advice for Homeowners

Healthy neighborhood lawns mean healthy water for our communities.


  1. Choose a no phosphorus and slow-release nitrogen fertilizer. Check the first and second number on the package for nitrogen and phosphate content. Formula, 26-0-3, for example, means no phosphate.
  2. Apply fertilizer at the spreader setting shown on the bag, to avoid overuse or underuse of product.
  3. Return any unused product to the original container for future use.
  4. Do not apply fertilizer products if a heavy rain is predicted.
  5. Use a drop spreader or a rotary spreader with a side guard to keep fertilizer on the lawn and off driveways, roadways and walkways. Sweep up excess fertilizer from paved surfaces.
  6. For a healthier, greener lawn, fertilize after the first lawn cutting in the spring and again in the fall when weather conditions are best for grass to absorb nutrients.
  7. Soil tests can help identify what nutrients your lawn needs. Contact your County Extension Agent at for details and other helpful lawn and garden information.

For more information, please visit the NJDEP Healthy Lawns Healthy Water website.

Healthy Lawns for Homeowners Flyer (pdf)

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Memorial Day Parade and War Memorial Service


Members of Haddonfield American Legion Post 38 invite residents to join them in observing Memorial Day on Monday, May 26th.

The Post will conduct its Annual Memorial Day Parade stepping off promptly at 10 AM. The parade will form up with its forward position at Kings Highway and Chestnut Street facing toward Haddonfield Memorial High School. The parade will end at the high school where a memorial service will be conducted.

The Parade will include the Post 38 Color Guard and members of the Post, the High School Marching Band, the Mayor and Commissioners, the memorial service flag presenters (Daughters of the American Revolution, War of 1812 and Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic), the Girl Scouts, Boy Scout Troops 64 & 65 and Cub Scout Packs 64 & 65, the Jack Schweiker Composite Unit of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP), an apparatus of Haddon Fire Co. No.1 and the Ambulance Association.

After the parade, a Memorial Service will be held at the War Memorial in front of the High School. If the parade is cancelled due to inclement weather, the ceremony will be held in the High School Auditorium at 11am.

The Memorial Service will honor the fallen men and women of nine wars, from the American Revolution to the present-day conflict in Afghanistan. The service will include normal military honors; Chaplain’s prayers; remarks by Post 38 Commander, Brian Fitzgerald; remarks by the Mayor; placement of flags for each war; a reading of “In Flanders Fields” by the HMHS Honor Society and music by the Pick-Up Band. Refreshments, donated anonymously, will be served following the ceremony.

Questions concerning the parade or memorial service should be directed to Tom Baird (Home: 856-428-4070 or Cell: 609-923-1442).

Memorial Day Parade and War Memorial Service Press Release (pdf)

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HMHS in the top 1% according to US News and World Report

U.S. News and World Report declares Haddonfield Memorial High School in the top 1% of schools nationwide.

Haddonfield Memorial High School 275th Best High School in the nation. HMHS was also ranked 186th in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education and 15th Best High School in the state of New Jersey. Congratulations to all students, parents, staff, and community members!
The cost per pupil spending for Haddonfield School District is $12,398.00 per student. The state average is $18,000 per pupil cost.

To read the full report, please click here.

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Update to the Historic District Ordinance


At their April 22, 2014 meeting the Board of Commissioners approved on first reading an amending ordinance updating the Historic District Ordinance, which was the second such district to be established in the State of New Jersey.  This original ordinance has been changed little over the past 40 years.  The final version of the amended ordinance is based on significant input from the Historic Preservation Commission, Planning Board, Zoning Board, and the public over the past six (6) months.  The Public Hearing and scheduled adoption for this ordinance is set for Tuesday, May 13, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. in Borough Hall.  Anyone interested in commenting on the ordinance is encouraged to attend this meeting.

2014-08 – HPC Ordinance Amendment

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Recreation Council Moved from 4/24 to 4/23

The Recreation Council meeting originally scheduled for April 24 has been moved to April 23 at 8:00 due to scheduling conflicts.

REC – Date Change – 04-24-2014 (pdf)

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Human Relations meeting moved to 4/23 from 4/17

The Human Relations Meeting scheduled for April 17 has been rescheduled for April 23 at 8:00 pm at Jersey Java.

HHRC – Date Change – 04-17-2014 (pdf)

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We’ve all become aware of the recent increase in burglaries and vandalism in Haddonfield. In response to this rise in crime, the Haddonfield Civic Association (HCA) Board of Governors have created Haddonfield Neighborhood Watch – a citizen volunteer effort to help prevent crime and heighten awareness of suspicious activity, while also bringing together an already responsive and friendly community.

The HCA holds occasional town-wide forums about the Neighborhood Watch program that are open to all Haddonfield residents.  The next forum will take place on Thursday, May 15th, from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the Taproom Grill on 427 W. Crystal Lake Avenue.

Getting involved with helping to the run the Haddonfield Civic Association (HCA) Neighborhood Watch program or starting a direct watch sector on a specific street in town is pretty simple.  There are many ways to participate:

  • Sign up to receive email alerts with news about recent crimes and other relevant information through the website
  • Attend Neighborhood Watch events where you will hear from the police and others about crime trends and tips to prevent crime
  • Request information from us on how become educated on how to identify and report suspicious activity–we are happy to meet with you (and your neighbors)
  • Learn more about how to start a Watch on your block
  • Receive guidance and support when you do start a Watch on your block

For more information on how to join the HCA, fill out the form on this site or email us:



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Updated: Sinkhole on Hopkins Lane

April 17, 2014 – Update on Sinkhole on Hopkins Lane at Hopkins Pond –

The County’s emergency contractor successfully obtained a video of the 36” line that runs from the vault located under Hopkins Lane as part of the spillway to the lower pond and also of the 21” storm line coming from the Borough inlet at the end of the dam on Hopkins Lane.  The 36” line had a slightly offset joint which had no apparent infiltration at this time.  The 21” storm line showed a broken joint with visible soil.  The cause of the broken joint appears to be age and settlement.

On 4-17-14 the emergency contractor used hydraulic cement and lined the inside of the County’s 36” line as a preventative measure due to the offset.  On 4-18 the contractor will excavate the broken joint of the 21” storm water line and place a concrete collar and filter fabric around the existing pipe.  The area will be backfilled and the roadway patched.  It is expected that the roadway will be open by the end of the day.



There is a small sinkhole in the roadway over the outfall pipe from the southern spillway of the dam.  This developed apparently Friday evening/night.  The makeup of the spillway is a bit unusual in that the pipe leading from the upper portion of the dam to the lower goes through a concrete vault located in the middle of the road/dam.  County Engineer Kevin Becica and Borough Engineer Todd Day were onsite Saturday morning inspecting the sinkhole.  Their best theory is that the sinkhole may be caused by a failed joint in the pipe leading from the vault to the lower water level either right at the vault/pipe connection or down grade from the vault somewhere in the pipe.  Mr. Day was able to look inside the vault from the manhole in the roadway, and it appears to be in good condition.  It is also from that inspection and measurements that it appears that the sinkhole lies right outside of the vault, which is also apparent from the roadway surface as the road appears to settle around the outside of the vault.

The best way to verify what is going on, other than digging up the roadway and adjacent areas of the dam, is to video the outfall pipe and adjacent storm drain pipe to see if there is indeed a failed joint into which soil is being lost.  The County has an emergency maintenance contract that they are going to use for the inspection and ultimate repair, assuming that it is not something more major.  In order to video the line, the flow of water spilling over this spillway must be blocked to eliminate the flow into the pipe.  The elevation of this southern spillway is 1.5″ higher than that of the northern spillway, forms have been installed at the spillway weir to do just that.  Due to tomorrow’s pending rain, the plan is to video the lines first thing Wed.

The contractor will be prepared to repair any failed joint from the inside of the pipe while they are there should that be the issue.  Should this be the problem and repair, the contractor is expected to have both the pipe and roadway repaired by the end of the week.

NJDEP Dam Safety engineers were also at the site today for review, and they have directed the County to try to draw down the lake as much as possible before tomorrow’s rains as a precaution.  Two pumps will be installed and will attempt to lower Hopkins Pond as much as possible by pumping into the northern spillway.

It is anticipated that Hopkins Lane will remain closed for at least the rest of the week.


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April 26 – Rx Drug Drop Off at Haddonfield Police Dept

The Haddonfield Police Department, in cooperation with the national Takeback Initiative, will once again be participating in Takeback New Jersey.  This operation allows for any person to dispose of any medications.  The individual may dispose of medication either in its original container or by removing medication from its container and disposing directly into the drug disposal box.  If the original container is submitted, the individual is encouraged to remove the prescription label if it contains any personal identifying information.  Liquid products, such as cough medicine, should remain sealed in their original container.  The depositor should ensure that the cap it tightly sealed to prevent leakage.  Syringes and other sharp instruments will not be accepted.

The event is scheduled for Saturday, April 26, 2014, between the hours of 10am to 2pm, in the lobby of the Haddonfield Police Department (rear entrance of the Haddonfield Borough Hall).

For more information, visit


Saturday, April 26 – Prescription Drug Drop Off Program (pdf)

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