Mayor’s Letter on Water/Sewer Referendum

October 14, 2014

Dear Resident:

I write today to urge all Haddonfield voters to educate themselves on the public questions that will be on the ballot on November 4, especially the question of authorizing the sale of our local water and sewer utility to N.J. American Water Company.

Recently, I have been dismayed to learn about some mis-information regarding the motives and the effects of selling our water and sewer system. In order to clarify some of the questions and doubts that have been raised, I would like to explain my views on this important matter.

First, there is no question that N.J. American Water is a qualified, capable and professional organization with more skill and experience in managing water/sewer operations than our small borough government headed by part-time, volunteer commissioners. N.J. American’s core competency is operating water and sewer systems, ours is not.

Second, our ability to raise capital and pay off bonds to finance improvements is limited by our small size, comprised of 4,600 ratepayers (households and businesses). Any debt issued is spread amongst only us, whereas N.J. American can spread those costs among hundreds of thousands of ratepayers. In terms of affordability, there is no comparison.

Third, our small operation requires our own wells, pumps and water tower, overseen by full-time staffers. It is expensive to run and maintain. N.J. American can efficiently deliver water/sewer services with their own existing equipment and personnel in place, thus eliminating our small and inefficient operation.

Finally, the payment of $28.5 million by N.J. American for the water/sewer utility will allow us to pay off the system’s existing debt and then pay off more than 75 percent of the borough’s general debt. This, in turn, will free up more than $1 million per year that we are currently budgeting for principal and interest payments, money that could be spent on road improvements, building repairs, or even property tax relief.

Our water rates have been artificially low for some time, mostly because needed spending on upgrading our old system, including 100-year-old, collapsing clay pipes, was inadequate. This was great for ratepayers and for politicians – who wouldn’t be against lower rates? But now we are facing the consequences, including potential pipe breaks and system failures with catastrophic environmental and financial consequences for our town. Whether it is us or N.J. American, tens of millions of dollars will be needed in the coming years to repair and upgrade our infrastructure and rates will go up as a result. Projections show that in the long run, rate hikes by N.J. American will be lower than those approved by our commissioners if all needed improvements are funded.

Operationally, financially, and politically, this sale makes sense for current and future residents of Haddonfield. I hope voters will take the facts above into consideration and be confident in voting “YES” on the water/sewer ballot question on November 4.

For more information, I urge voters to contact one of the commissioners or read through the materials posted on the borough’s website at


Sincerely Yours,

Jeffrey S. Kasko, Mayor
Borough of Haddonfield

Mayor’s Letter on Water/Sewer Referendum (pdf)

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Municipal Matters – October 16, 2014

October 16, 2014

Water and Sewer Utility Sale Referendum can be found towards the bottom of the ballot.  Your vote is important.


If you will be out of town on Election Day, vote in advance!

  • Obtain a mail-in ballot application from the Administration Office in Borough Hall (Room 101) or download it online:
  • Mail the application to the County Clerk’s officeApplications must be received 7 days in advance of the election.
    • PO Box 150, Camden NJ 08101

For information on the sale of the Water and Sewer Utility visit:


Leaves raked into the gutter or street are in violation of State Stormwater Laws.  In additional, foul weather causes vegetation in the streets to clog storm drains resulting in flooding.  Early snow mixes with leaves and can create traffic hazards and loss in parking.  Leaves in this condition are extremely difficult to remove.  There will be a “No Tolerance” policy for leaves found placed in the street or gutter.  Tickets will be issued to the homeowner regardless as to whether it was the homeowner or landscaper that placed them there.

Each Day during leaf season the Borough website will post which trash route leaves are being picked up.  This enables residents to rake closer to the collection date.

Utility Capital Project Update

2014 Utility and Road Improvements

Paving will begin on Pomona Tuesday, October 21.

Roadwork has been delayed on Mount Vernon due to the replacement of the gas main by PSE&G.  It is anticipated that work on the gas main will begin by October 20 and should last three weeks. 

Dinosaur Month – October 2014                     

Commissioners of the Borough of Haddonfield ask all its residents to join in wishing “Haddy” a happy 156th birthday. The Commissioners officially declare October 2014 as Hadrosaurus Foulkii Discovery Month. In October, 1858, a crew of local diggers led by Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences member William Foulke excavated the nearly complete skeleton of a gigantic prehistoric animal – later identified as a dinosaur. The dinosaur was discovered in a marl pit on the Haddonfield farm of John Estaugh Hopkins and was named ‘Hadrosaurus foulkii’ by Dr. Joseph Leidy of the Academy. Hadrosaurus foulkii was the first dinosaur skeleton ever put on public display at Philadelphia’s Academy of Natural Sciences, with copies subsequently placed in areas throughout the U.S. and Europe – for 15 years it remained the only dinosaur skeleton on display anywhere in the world. In 1994 the discovery site was declared a national historic landmark.

Civic Association’s Annual Town Meeting

Pose your questions about Zoning, Water Utility Sale, Teacher Contracts and Shared Services in town to the Commissioners, municipal officials, and the chairs of municipal commissions/boards as well as the Superintendent of Schools and the BOE President at the Haddonfield Civic Association’s Annual Town Meeting, Thursday, October 23, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. in Haddonfield Borough Hall. If you can’t join in person, watch the Town Meeting live online at

Bid Award

The Commissioners have awarded a bid for Temporary Labor Services for the Borough of Haddonfield to Express Employment.

Borough Solicitor Professional Services Agreement

Borough of Haddonfield has authorized Mario Iavicoli, Esq. to enter into a contract to provide Borough Solicitor services. 

NJDOT Grant Agreement

The Commissioners authorized the submission of an electronic grant application to the NJ Department of Transportation for the FY2015 NJDOT Trust Fund – Reconstruction of Centre Street and Ellis Street Project.

Downtown Haddonfield Named a “Great Place in New Jersey” for 2014

The New Jersey Chapter of the American Planning Association (NJ-APA) presented Downtown Haddonfield – officials and representatives with a plaque officiating their selection as one of the ‘Great Places in New Jersey’ for 2014. NJ-APA President Charles Latini presented the plaque to Mayor Jeff Kasko at the Commissioners Meeting October 14. Now in its third year, Great Places in New Jersey recognizes unique and exemplary downtowns, streets, neighborhoods and public spaces – four essential components of exceptional communities.

October Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies

Downtown Haddonfield will host three October ribbon cutting ceremonies on Wednesday, October 22 and Saturday, October 25 for three new businesses:

  • RE/MAX Connection Realtors at 6:15 p.m. at 8 Kings Highway West (Suite B).
  • Sew Pretty Studio at 5 p.m. at 8 Haddon Avenue South.
  • Painting With A Twist on Saturday, October 25 at 5:30 p.m. at 115 Kings Highway East. 

Approved Appointments

The Commissioners have approved the following appointments:

  • Brian Mullholland, Zoning Board Adjustment, which expires May 31, 2017;
  • Jeff Arnold, Zoning Board of Adjustment, which expires May 31, 2017;
  • Christin Deacon, Zoning Board of Adjustment, which expires May 31, 2015;
  • Wayne Partenheimer, Zoning Board of Adjustment, Alternate I, which expires May 31, 2015;
  • Ed Baum, Zoning Board of Adjustment, Alternate II, which expires May 31, 2015;
  • Matt Weko, Zoning Board of Adjustment, Alternate III, which expires May 31, 2016;
  • Brian Pukenas, Zoning Board of Adjustment, Alternate IV, which expires May 31, 2016.

Upcoming Events

The Commissioners have granted permission to the following organizations to host these upcoming events:

  • Haddonfield Council of Churches – CROP Walk on October 26, 2014
  • Haddonfield Crew Club – Ergathon on November 15, 2014
  • Christ the King Regional School – The King’s Run on November 22, 2014 

First Night Haddonfield – Wednesday, December 31

Ring in 2015 during First Night Haddonfield, a family-friendly, alcohol-free evening of fun in Downtown Haddonfield on Wednesday, December 31 from 5:30 p.m. – midnight. First Night features a spectacular New Year’s Eve celebration complete with live entertainment, fireworks, activities and fun for all ages. Other festivities taking place during the six-and-a-half-hour event includes comedy, magic, children’s entertainment, food and dancing. This year First Night Haddonfield plans to offer something for every member of the family to enjoy – with more than 40 performances in 20 different venues on Kings Highway. First Night buttons can be purchased online at

Parking regulations in the Borough normally prohibit parking on public streets from 1a.m. to 5a.m.; however, during and after First Night activities vehicles of residents and guests may park on the streets between midnight and 6 a.m. on January 1, 2015.

Ask the Mayor

Mayor Jeff Kasko will be available for questions and comments on Wednesdays, October 29 from 4-6 pm and November 12 from 3 – 5 p.m. in Borough Hall. He will also be available in the evenings by appointment. Please call his voicemail at 429-4700, ext. 316 to set up an appointment, or you can email him at

Commissioners Rochford Open Door hours:

Every Wednesday between 9:00-noon

Due to changes in his work schedule, the Commissioner may not always be available.  Please call 429-4700 ext. 200 for availability.  If he is not available you can leave your name and number so that he can contact you directly.

Lawn Signs

Many organizations are handing out lawn signs for the various events being held in town.  These signs must be placed on private property.  The grass strip located next to the curb is Borough property and it is illegal to place signs in this location.  Signs placed in the park strip will be removed.

Haddonfield’s Rules for Dog Walking

The Commissioners want to remind residents of the rules regarding walking your dogs and disposing property of their waste:

  • All dogs must be on a leash when being walked on public streets; the Crows Woods Nature Preserve and in any park area; no pet is permitted to roam un-leashed in Haddonfield
  • Pet owners or anyone who takes their pet for walks must properly dispose of their pet’s waste by picking it up, wrapping it and either placing it in the trash or flushing it unwrapped down the toilet.

Sign up to Receive Reminders, Alerts and More via E-Mail

Residents are reminded to sign up to receive important e-mail notices, reminders, and alerts from the Borough.  This system can be used to alert those who are registered to impending deadlines (for the payment of taxes, pet license fee, etc.), and to public safety situations. To sign up, visit and look for a box titled” E-news from the Borough.” 

Meetings/Events & Activities

  • Mon Oct 20—6:00 pm Commissioners Worksession
  • Tue Oct 21—8:00 am Shade Tree Commission
  • Tue Oct 21—7:30 pm Zoning Board
  • Tue Oct 21—7:00 pm Sustainable Haddonfield/ Environmental Commission
  • Wed Oct 22—8:30 am Partnership for Haddonfield
  • Wed Oct 22—7:30 pm Historic Preservation Commission
  • Thur Oct 23—8:00 pm Recreation Council
  • Tue Oct 28—8:00 am Library Board Meeting
  • Tue Oct 28—7:30 pm Board of Commissioners
  • Thur Oct 30—6:30 Halloween Parade
  • Fri Oct 31—3:00-7:00 pm Trick or Treating
  • Tue Nov 4—Election Day, Borough Hall closed for business but open to voters
  • Wed Nov 5—7:30 pm Planning Board
  • Wed Nov 5—7:00 pm Municipal Alliance
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December Commissioner Work Sessions meeting changes

The dates  for the meetings, December 9 and  23, 2014 Commissioner Work Session meetings  have  been  change to Tuesday, December 16, 2014 at  7:30 p.m.   This change is due  to scheduling conflicts.


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Recreation Council Meeting Re-scheduled from Oct. 23 to Thursday Oct. 30

The date  for the Recreation Council Meeting  that was to have  been  held on October 23 2014 has been changed to Thursday, October 30, 2014 at 8:00 p.m.  This change is due to scheduling conflicts.


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Commissioner Work Session originally scheduled for 11/3 now cancelled

The date for the Monday, November 3, 2014 Commissioner Work Session meeting has been change to Wednesday October 29, 2014 at 6:00 p.m.  This change is due to scheduling conflicts.

Update: the Commissioner Work Session has now been cancelled.

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Recycling Correction

On these holidays, Columbus Day (10/13/14), Martin Luther King Day (1/19/15) and President’s Day (2/16/15) there will be no recycling pick-up. The recycling will be picked up the day following the holiday. Trash collection will occur on the normal schedule.

The calendar states erroneously that recycling will be picked up.

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October 2 Kings Highway Traffic Alert 4-6:30 pm

Tomorrow late afternoon Mercedes Benz will be shooting a commercial in Haddonfield.  Traffic will be disrupted intermittently on Kings Highway from Haddon Ave to Tanner Street from 4:00 pm to possibly 5:30 pm.  They will have a three vehicle convoy that will loop down Kings Highway to Tanner Street, down Tanner to Haddon, and then up Haddon back to Kings Highway. They will be filming the car driving along the roadway and be catching many of the stores.  Police will stop traffic as necessary on Kings Highway during the 7-10 min it takes them to drive from Haddon to Tanner for each pass.

Once this is complete they will move their film crew to the block of Kings Highway in front of Borough Hall where they will be filming the car pulling up in front of Secrets, the female driver will exit the car and enter Secrets which will be set up as a spin studio.  Seven spaces on the Borough Hall side of the street will be reserved for the film crew parking along with three spaces over by Secrets.  All filming is expected to be complete between 6:00 and 6:30 pm.

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9/23/14- Police Alert regarding attempted abduction

The Haddonfield Police Department reported an attempted abduction in the borough last week.

Police are seeking the public’s help in identifying a man who is alleged to have attempted to abduct an eighteen year old female as she walked home from work. The incident took place at 11:00 p.m. on September 16 in front of 80 Tanner Street in Haddonfield, but was not initially reported to police.  Subsequent interviews of the victim allege a man in a silver or gray sedan asked the female her name and when she ignored him he exited his vehicle and grabbed her. The female resisted and the man fled to his vehicle and drove away.

The man is described as in his 20s or 30s, with medium length, shaggy hair. He may have scratches on his face, neck and chest from his encounter with the victim.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Camden County Prosecutor’s Office Detective Vincent McCalla at (856) 225-8569 or Haddonfield Police Sgt. Steve Camiscioli at (856) 429-3000.

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Municipal Matters September 11, 2014

Water and Sewer Utility Sale Public Information Meeting Schedule:
Wednesday, September 24, 10:00 am
Saturday, October 11, 9:00 am
Monday, October 13, 7:30 pm

All meetings will be held in the Borough Hall Auditorium.

Volunteers Needed
Interested in participating on the Senior Citizen Advisory Committee?
Anyone interested in volunteering to serve should visit the borough’s
Web at:  to apply.

School is in – Drive Safely!
With school newly in session, please be aware that pedestrian traffic
throughout the town has increased considerably. Drivers are asked to
be aware of the changed conditions and drive carefully and observe
the speed limit – 25 miles per hour – throughout the town.

POW\MIA Recognition Day
The Commissioners proclaim September 19, 2014 as POW\MIA Recognition
Day in Haddonfield. Borough residents are asked to join in on
honoring former American POWS and those Americans still unaccounted
for as a result of their service to our great Nation. Haddonfield
residents are encouraged to express their gratitude to the families
of these missing Americans for their perseverance through the many
years of waiting. On Friday, September 19, 2014, the U.S. flag will
be displayed in the center of town in recognition of those American
Prisoners of War and Missing in Southeast Asia as Haddonfield’s part
in a nationwide effort to remind all Americans of the significance of
this day.

The Haddon Fortnightly
On September 21, 1894, a group of twelve women met to organize The
Haddon Fortnightly women’s club – the object was to establish an
education, literary, social and civic interest center in Haddonfield.
In 1896 The Haddon Fortnightly became affiliated with the General
Federation of Women’s Clubs and the New Jersey State Federation of
Women’s Clubs. Over the past 120 years The Haddon Fortnightly has
become a pillar of the community – continuously involved in programs
and activities in keeping with the original objectives of the
organization. Today, as in the past, members enjoy great friendships
while participating in a host of activities, and special interests,
as well as local and national charitable endeavors. The Commissioners
would like to recognize, warmly congratulate, and sincerely thank The
Haddon Fortnightly on its 120th anniversary.

National Recovery Month
The Commissioners invite all residents to participate in the
September National Recovery Month. Behavioral health is an essential
part of health and one’s overall wellness – prevention and treatment
is effective and people recover everyday in our area and around the
nation. Preventing and overcoming mental and/or substance use
disorders is essential to achieving healthy lifestyles, both
physically and emotionally; and we must encourage relatives and
friends of people with mental and/or substance use disorders to
implement preventive measures, recognize the signs of a problem and
guide those in need to appropriate treatment and recovery support
services. On October 1, 2013 as a result of the Affordable Care Act,
more than 11 million uninsured individuals with behavioral health
needs will become eligible for affordable insurance coverage for
their treatment needs.

Library Bond Ordinance – Second Reading
The commissioners approved a bond ordinance for improvements to the
library. $1,827,000 will be issued for improvements to the library,
consisting of an addition for an elevator and handicap bathrooms, ADA
improvements, a new roof, improvements to the heating and air
conditioning systems and various other interior improvements.

Bid Awards
The Commissioners have awarded bids for the following:  Public Bldg.-
Public Works-Contractual items for the Borough by GWP Enterprises,
Inc. for Curb & Crosswalk Painting Services; Improvements to Borough
Hall Buildings by Falasca Mechanical for Borough Hall Boiler
Replacement; Shade Tree – Contractual by Enright’s Tree Service, LLC
for Tree Removal Services #2.   Authorization to Sign Professional
Services Agreement
Borough of Haddonfield has authorized Bowman & Company to enter into
a contract to provide Borough Auditor services.

Bid Requests
The Commissioners have authorized the Borough Clerk to advertise for
the receipt of sealed bids for the following:  Temporary Labor
Services – Public Works to be received on or before September 18,
2014 at 10 a.m. in Room 103 of the Haddonfield Borough Hall; Website
Design and Development to be received on or before October 2, 2014 at
3 p.m. in Room 101 of the Haddonfield Borough Hall; Library
Addition/Renovation services to be received on or before October 21,
2014 at 10 a.m. in Room 103 of the Haddonfield Borough Hall

Antique Auto Show September 20
An Antique Auto Show sponsored by the Ankokas Automobile Club of
America will be held on Kings Highway on Saturday September 20 from 9
a.m. to 3 p.m.  Meticulously restored cars will line Kings Highway
from Haddon Avenue to the PATCO High Speedline. Don’t miss the fun,
food, and music! Live entertainment includes Quartet 33 at the shops
at 116. The Car Show has been held in Haddonfield for more than a
quarter of a century. Over 200 autos dating back to the early 1900’s
are expected. Kings Highway will be closed to vehicular traffic. In
event of inclement weather, the event will be held on September 27.

Girls Night Out! October 2
The Partnership for Haddonfield will once again host Girls’ Night
Out!, featuring a fun-filled, ladies’ exclusive night of shopping,
dining and relaxing on Thursday, October 2 from 5 – 9 p.m. The event
is free and will kick-off the fall season in Downtown Haddonfield
with many of the town’s shops and boutiques offering in-store
discounts, food and beverages and more. While girls walk from store
to store they will find surprises, specials and deals that excite –
this is every girl’s dream, so be sure to gather the ladies and enjoy
a night of fun. No matter what you’re shopping for, participating
Haddonfield boutiques and eateries will be offering promotions to
please everyone.

Fall Festival & Craft Show October 18
The Commissioners cordially invite everyone to the annual Fall
Festival, Saturday, October 18, 2013 from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. (rain date
Sunday, October 19, noon -5 p.m.). Local charitable organizations and
food vendors will participate in this event taking place along Kings
Highway between Haddon Avenue and Chestnut Street. Carriage rides,
merchandise displays, entertainment and craft tables will all be a
part of the Fall Festival.

Upcoming Events
The Commissioners have granted permission to the following
organizations to host these upcoming events:

  • Christ the King Regional School – The King’s Run on November 22, 2014
  • Historical Society – Centennial Fair & Carriage Rides on Sept. 27, 2014
  • Ask the Mayor: Mayor Jeff Kasko will be available for questions and comments on Wednesdays, September 17, October 1, October 15, October 29 and November 12 from 3 – 5 p.m. in Borough Hall. He will also be available in the evenings by appointment. Please call his voicemail at 429-4700, ext. 316 to set up an appointment, or you can email him at .

Haddonfield’s Rules for Dog Walking
The Commissioners want to remind residents of the rules regarding
walking your dogs and disposing property of their waste:  All dogs
must be on a leash when being walked on public streets; the Crows
Woods Nature Preserve and in any park area; no pet is permitted to
roam un-leashed in Haddonfield Pet owners or anyone who takes their
pet for walks must properly dispose of their pet’s waste by picking
it up, wrapping it and either placing it in the trash or flushing it
unwrapped down the toilet.

Sign up to Receive Reminders, Alerts and More via E-Mail
Residents are reminded to sign up to receive important e-mail
notices, reminders, and alerts from the Borough.  This system can be
used to alert those who are registered to impending deadlines (for
the payment of taxes, pet license fee, etc.), and to public safety
situations. To sign up, visit –
and look for a box titled” E-news from the Borough.”

2014 Utility and Road Improvements–
Utility work is completed on Pomona.  Concrete crews are working on
Pomona installing curb, driveway aprons and ADA-compliant curb ramps.
Roadwork is beginning on Mount Vernon.

Meetings/Events & Activities

  • Farmers’ Market in Kings Court every weekend
  • Mon Sept 15–8:00 am Shade Tree Commission
  • Mon Sept 15–9:15 am Senior Citizen Advisory
  • Mon Sept 15–6:00 pm Commissioners Worksession
  • Tue Sept 16–7:30 pm Zoning Board
  • Tue Sept 16–7:00 pm Sustainable Haddonfield/Environmental Commission
  • Wed Sept 17–7:30 pm Historic Preservation Commission
  • Thurs Sept 18–7:30 pm Human Relations Commission
  • Tue Sept 23- 7:30 pm Board of Commissioners
  • Wed Sept 24–10:00 am Water and Sewer Information Meeting
  • Thurs Sept 25–8:00 pm Recreation Council
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Legal Notice regarding 605 Warwick Ave.

To Commissioner Moscatelli:

John Laprocido forwarded to me your request for an explanation regarding my instruction to the Planning Board that: 1. the action by the Planning Board on July 1, 2014 determining the application of 605 Warwick LLC complete remained in effect, notwithstanding the failure of the applicant to send notice of the hearing to the Clerk of Barrington ;and 2. The evidence presented at the July 1, hearing on the merits of the application would be disregarded thus requiring the applicant to commence presentation of its case  over because of the notice defect.

At the outset, I would point out that the legal requirements and procedure for the determination of completeness and the  notice requirements for a hearing on an application for development are separate and distinct. The Municipal Land Use Law is the primary source for the legal requirements and procedure.

The determination of completeness which is governed by NJSA 40:55D-10.3  is not a decision on the merits of  an application .It is an administrative decision by the municipal agency or its designee. (In many municipalities the authority to make this determination is vested in an administrative officer after which the application is scheduled for a public hearing) The statute does not require notice to the public as prerequisite to the decision and does not require a public hearing.

(In the case of 605 Warwick , the public was given the opportunity to participate in the planning board deliberations in an effort to provide transparency to the process.)

At the July 1 Planning Board meeting , the PB voted (6-3)  to determine the application complete with conditions. This decision is final and the remedy of any aggrieved party is to present the issue on appeal to the Superior Court.

The hearing on the merits of the application is subject to different statutory requirements, more particularly NOTICE requirements .In order to commence a hearing on the merits of an application for development , proper notice and publication must be completed in accordance with NJSA 40:55D-12 of the Municipal Land Use Law.  Failure to comply with the notice requirements is a jurisdictional requirement . Thus, any action by a municipal agency is null and void if the notice requirements are not complied with.  In the case of 605 Warwick , the failure to notify the Clerk of Barrington was brought to the attention of the Planning Board after the July 1 hearing took place.  Thus, in my opinion the applicant had to renotify , republish and commence the public hearing from the beginning .

I hope this explanation is helpful . If you or any other recipient of this e-mail has any questions or comments, please let me know.

Donald S. Ryan, Esquire
20 Brace Road, Suite 111
Cherry Hill, New Jersey 08034
856 795-1090
856 795-5110 Fax


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