Backyard Chicken Advisory Board

The Borough Commissioners are excited to approve the ordinance permitting residential chickens. Haddonfield joins a growing list of neighboring towns to allow residents to keep hens in their backyards.  The Commissioners created a Backyard Chicken Advisory Committee (BCAC), a volunteer group of your neighbors to help the Borough oversee the program. 

Attached is the application form with the ordinance. Please, carefully read through all these documents.

We wanted to highlight some critical requirements:

  • It is suggested that you consult with the Backyard Chicken Advisory Committee prior to submitting an application to review the requirements
  • Proof of education is required for licensing and prior to purchase of any hens                                                 Contact Gwenne Baile, instructor of "The Basics of Raising Backyard Chickens in the Suburbs" to take the online class (email:
  •  Only 4 hens are allowed the first year, with a max of 8 in the second year
  •  The coop and run must be purchased before the Hens arrive
  •  There is a required annual inspection of your coop and run
  •  The yearly fee is $50.00
  •  No roosters are allowed

Please email the BCAC at to discuss your interest in this program.

After completing the application, you can drop it off at the Clerk’s Office in Room 101 at Borough Hall or mail it. Checks made payable to Borough of Haddonfield. You will receive approval of your application by mail.