Mission Statement

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To promote a culture of wellness in Haddonfield by sponsoring and supporting activities and events that promote healthy behaviors, foster enlightened attitudes, warn of the perils of addiction, and condemn irresponsible practices.

Promote – To advocate, to facilitate, and to publicize.

Culture of wellness – “I’m convinced that we need to create a culture of wellness in our society: To teach people about small steps they can take, and good choices they can make, that lead to better health.” ¹

Sponsor – The Alliance will plan and present activities and events of its own.

Support – The Alliance will endorse and, if requested, provide appropriate assistance for activities and events planned and presented by others.

Activities – Example of a sponsored activity: An after-school drop-in center for teens. Example of a supported activity: Weekly AA meeting at the Presbyterian Church.

Events – Example of a sponsored event: A workshop for parents about signs and symptoms of drug use. Example of a supported event: First Night.

Healthy behaviors – “Learned early, the lessons of good health will last a lifetime. Similarly, bad habits and the consequences of unhealthy choices also can have lasting effects.” ¹

Enlightened attitudes – “The process of solving the public health problem of underage alcohol use begins with an examination of our own attitudes toward underage drinking – and our recognition of the seriousness of its consequences for adolescents, their families, and society as a whole. Adolescent alcohol use is not an acceptable rite of passage but a serious threat to adolescent development and health, as the statistics related to adolescent impairment, injury, and death attest.” ²

Perils of addiction – “The physical consequences of underage alcohol use range from medical problems to death by alcohol poisoning, and alcohol plays a significant role in risky sexual behavior, physical and sexual assaults, various types of injuries, and suicide.” ²

Addiction – Although the current focus is on addictive substances (alcohol, tobacco, narcotics, medication, etc.) the Alliance could, in the future, also address addictive practices (gambling, gaming, Internet use, overeating, etc.)

Irresponsible practices – Parents who provide alcohol for teen parties in their homes, for example, expose not only themselves to significant health, social, legal, and financial consequences but also their family, friends, associates, strangers, and the community at large. “Underage drinking also creates secondhand effects for others, drinkers and non drinkers alike, including car crashes from drunk driving, that put every child at risk. Underage alcohol consumption is a major societal problem with enormous health and safety consequences…” ²

¹ Message from Michael O. Leavitt, Secretary of Health and Human Services in The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Prevent and Reduce Underage Drinking.

² Foreword by Kenneth P. Moritsugu, Acting Surgeon General, in The Surgeon General’s Call to Action.