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D.A.W.G.S short for Discussions Are Worth Getting Started is a Haddonfield Municipal Alliance developed parent newsletter focused on a specific topic related to drugs, alcohol, and bullying.  Each edition focuses on an issue affecting our Haddonfield youth.  As with all issues that are impacting our communities and country starting a conversation may be the key to helping our children avoid making mistakes. 
July 2018 Volume 1 Issue 4 - Vaping
February 2017 Volume 1, Issue 3 - Opioids
July 2016 Volume 1, Issue 2
- Binge Drinking

February 2016 Volume 1, Issue 1- Digital Behavior

December 2018
NPR logo  Teen Vaping Soared In 2018

April 2018
Opioid Overdoses and Naloxone: What Everyone Needs to Know

January 2018
HealthDay News   
Parental Supply of Alcohol to Adolescents Is Harmful

April 2017
NY Times:  You Draw It: Just How Bad Is the Drug Overdose Epidemic?

March 2011

HMA March Guide to Wellness (pdf)
Dangers of K-2 Spice (pdf)

December 2010

HMA December Guide to Wellness (pdf)
Information on Energy Drinks (pdf)


Surgeon General’s Call to Action (pdf)
Surgeon General’s Family Guide (pdf)
Surgeon General’s Community Guide (pdf)
Surgeon General’s Educator Guide (pdf)
Actions and Consequences (pdf)
The Parent Trap (pdf)