Commemorative Tree Donation Program

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By planting a tree in honor of a special event or a special person, you can provide a remembrance that is important to you, your family and your community. The Borough of Haddonfield is pleased to work with individuals interested in giving a dedicated tree. This information is offered to help you in your planning.

  • Freedley-Commemorative-Tree-Street-sceneA $1,275 minimum donation is requested to establish a dedicated tree. This covers the cost of acquiring the tree and the commemorative plaque as well as the planting and maintenance cost. Please make your request in writing to the Haddonfield Shade Tree Commission at 242 Kings Highway East, Haddonfield, NJ 08033. An application form including the requested wording for the plaque and the preferred planting site is available through the Borough website, below.
  • Tree types and planting sites will be selected by the Haddonfield Shade Tree Commission in consultation with the Department of Public Works. This insures that the sites are appropriate to support the tree, are in locations where plantings are needed by the borough, and that the tree species are consistent with the street trees planted successfully throughout the borough. All sites are provided on a first come, first served basis, based on a completed application, including payment.
  • Trees acquired for dedication are approximately 8-12 feet tall or measure 2 to 2.5 inches in diameter. Size will depend on the type of tree selected and its availability. The Department of Public Works will acquire, plant and maintain the dedicated tree.
  • Donors may request an engraved brass plaque through the Shade Tree Commission, to be placed near the dedicated tree. This approved plaque is approximately 5 inches by 8 inches and includes commemorative wording as well as the tree's scientific and common names. Contact the Shade Tree Commission for further information and to determine the wording for the plaque.
  • Bynum-Commemorative-Tree-Street-SceneIf a dedicated tree dies within 3 years of being planted, it will be replaced with no additional donation. The replacement tree will be of the type and size being planted by the borough that year as part of its spring planting program. After 3 years, if a dedicated tree dies, an additional donation will be requested to replace the tree and maintain the engraved plaque in the tree well.  If no further donation is made, the engraved plaque will be given to the donor and a new donor sought for that location.. Dedications are made for the life of the dedicated tree, not the location itself.
  • Most species of trees are best planted only in the spring. Scheduling the planting of dedicated trees will be planned based on the best planting time. The borough reserves the right to transplant or, if necessary, remove dedicated trees if required for future public works efforts. If this becomes necessary, the Department of Public Works will attempt to contact the donor about any such necessary changes.
  • Contact the Shade Tree Commission by the March meeting date for a Spring planting that year and to gather for further information about possible sites and tree species, as well as details regarding the desired plaque. For a spring planting, please inquire of the Shade Tree Commission by March meeting date, by the September meeting date for a fall planting.


Freedley-plaqueSuggested wording for plaque:

  • Line 1
    Reason for commemoration and date (letter height of 5/16", approximately 24-30 letters and/or spaces)
  • Line 2
    Name of honored person or event (letter height of 8/16", approximately 16-20 letters and/or spaces)
  • Line 3
    Information about honored person or event (letter height of 6/16", approximately 18-25 letter and/or space maximum)
  • Line 4
    Information about honored person or event or donor (letter height of 6/16", approximately 18-25 letter and/or space maximum)
  • Line 5
    Common and botanical name of commemorative tree (letter height of 5/16", approximately 24-30 letters and/or spaces) This tree species information is required on all commemorative plaques.

Examples of commemorative plaques:

In Loving Memory of 
John A. Smith
Good friend to All
May 2007
Willow Oak (Quercus phellos)

With Much Thanks to
Richard Schwab
Borough Administrator
25 Years of Service
Sawtooth Oak (Q. accustissima)

Sample size of bronze plaque - 8" wide by 5" high - with ½ inch double-lined border around the plaque. Available space is 7" by 4". The plaque will be attached to a display stone, to ensure that it is not easily removed or vandalized, and placed in the planting site.


Sites Available for Commemorative Trees
Sites are available for commemorative tree plantings. Sites will be allotted on a first come, first serve basis, based on the date that the completed application and accompanying payment is received. Applications are available on-line and through the Borough Hall, and should be returned to the Shade Tree Commission at 242 Kings Highway East, Haddonfield, NJ 08033. 

Following is a list of sites that are available

    Location   Availability
Site 1   14 Kings Hwy East(in front of King Guard Cleaners)   2023
Site 2   26 Kings Hwy East   reserved
Site 3   30 Kings Hwy East(side or Republic Bank across from Saxby's)   currently available
Site 4   57 Kings Hwy East (in front of Haddonfield Visions)    reserved
Site 5   225 Kings Hwy East   reserved

Popular sites are generally locations along Kings Highway and adjacent areas along Tanner Street and
Haddon Avenue, however, Commemorative Tree locations may be identified across various Borough park strips and other public property in Haddonfield with Shade Tree Commission approval.



Application (PDF 40K)