Green Business Recognition Program

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The Sustainable Haddonfield Team is excited to highlight some of our local businesses in our Green Business Recognition Program. The program works with local businesses and their already existing earth-friendly practices as well as practices they are looking to implement in the coming year. The practices focus on waste reduction, energy efficiency, water reduction, green buildings, transportation, pollution reduction, social responsibility, local economy, and goals and promotion. Items include: recycling, reuse of items, composting, use of natural lighting, native plantings, use of a rain barrel, no VOC paint use, use of green cleaning products, equitable hiring practices, buying local, and establishing more green goals. 

There are so many things, both little and big, that can truly make a difference in helping to protect our planet. For instance, recycling, composting, and reusing items help reduce the amount of trash entering a landfill. Using a rain barrel to capture natural rainwater instead of turning on the hose will save water, a precious natural resource. And using natural lighting will not only help lower our electric bills, but will also decrease our use of fossil fuels which helps combat global warming. Our hope is that in recognizing and promoting our local green businesses, more and more businesses and individuals will adopt green practices. We also aim to help local businesses with local workshops or information they might need to help make their business a little more earth-friendly.


The Haddonfield Green Business Recognition Program also works in conjunction with the New Jersey Sustainable Business Registry. The New Jersey Sustainable Business Registry was created to recognize and promote sustainable businesses, nonprofit organizations and higher education institutions  across the state.  The Registry is open to companies of all types and there is no cost to join.

Contact Sustainable Haddonfield or the Downtown Haddonfield Retail Recruiter for more information.