Capital Projects & Road Work

Projects MapThis map details the roadways that will be affected due to construction projects this year. 


Project Description                                             Funding
Road Program                                                                                    $4,560,000 
     Road Reconstruction & Inspection
          Lake Street (Friends to Colonial)
          Lee Ave (KHY to Terminus)
          Longwood Drive (Farwood to Longwood Circle)
          Mount Vernon Ave (Borough limits to Barberry Lane)
          Oak Ave ( Farragut Ave to Warwick Rd)
          Queensboro Lane ( Marquis Rd to Hinchman )
           Redman Ave (West End to Westmont)
          Redman (Barberry to Landsdowne)
     2022 Design
     Haddon Ave Construction
     Parking Lot Borough Hall

Police Equipment                                                                              $ 
     Parking Meters
     Radar Signs
     Watchguard Video System
Computers                                                                                          $    30,000
Public Works Equipment   
                                                                               $  450,000
     7-yard Dump Truck
     25-yard Recycling Truck
Building Improvements                                                                     $     85,000
     Roof - Mechanics Garage
     Roof - Crows Woods
     Roof - PW Generator Building
     Generator Connection PW
Fire Equipment                                                                                   $     26,000


Project Description                                              Funding
Road Program                                                                                       $2,240,000

Farragut Ave (Oad Ave to Bellevue Ave)
Loucroft Ave (Hinchman to Borough Limits)
Overhill Road (Hickory Ave to Mountwell Ave)
Merion Ave (Grove St to Birdwood Ave)
Prospect Rd (Terminus to Belmont Ave
Ardmore Ave (Haddon Ave to Borough Limits)

Police Equipment                                                                                      $      22,100
Computers                                                                                                 $      30,000
Public Works Equipment                                                                            $      70,000
Library Improvements                                                                                $      52,500
Fire Equipment                                                                                           $     15,000
Drainage Improvements                                                                             $2,995,000

Project Description   Funding
 Road program  $2,240,000
 Jefferson Ave (Chews Landing to Evans )  
 Jefferson Ave (Overhill to Warwick)  
 Knolltop Lane (Hinchman to Cul-de-sac)  
 North Edge Park Dr (Grove to Wayside Lane  
 Birdwood Ave (Hopkins to Windsor)   
 Briarcliff Court (Estaugh to the Terminus)  
 East Park Ave (Walnut to Park Place)  
 Mountwell Ave (Overhill to Warwick)  
 Glenwood Rd (Warwick to Colonial Ridge)  
 Greenmount Rd (Oak Ridge to Upland Way)  
 East Summit Ave (Spruce to the Terminus)  
 Estaugh Ave (Trueman to Redman)  
 Prospect Rd (Wellington to Belmont)  
 Wellington Ave (Prospect to Roberts)   
 Lincoln Ave (E. Atlantic to Chestnut)  
 Chestnut St (Lincoln to KHY)  
 Road Maintenance Program  
 2020 Road Design  
 Haddon Ave Design  
 Police Equipment  $67,000
 Alcotesting Machine  
 Live Scan Machine  
 Computers  $20,000
 Various Buildings and Grounds  $297,200
 Inspection Report Work  
 Mold Issue PW  
 Sanitary Lateral Replacement - Library  
 Kings Court Electrical Improvements  
 Library Point Electrical Improvements  
 Public Works Equipment  $453,500
 7-yard Dump Truck  
Tree Truck Engine/PTO   
1 Ton Mechanic Truck   
Additional Brine Tank/Controls  
Scanner Big Trucks  
1-ton Pickup Truck  
Replace Wreaths and Bows  
Drainage Work $659,500
Stormwater Master Outfall Plan  
Stormwater Master Inlet Plan  
Misc Drainage Work  
Library -Prepair and repaint windows $15,000
Electric Car for Construction $12,500

Project Description  Funding 
 Road Program  $2,096,000
       East Atlantic  
       Lane of Acres  
       Maple Court  
       Mount Vernon  
       Future Roadway Designs  
       Euclid Ave Decking Repairs  
       Drainage Redman  
 Police Equipment  $106,300
       Video Security System  
 Recreation Improvements  $559,000
      Centennial Field  
      Misc. Improvements  
 Computers  $10,000
Building Improvements $836,000
      Fire House Rood  
      Fire House Heating System  
      Vacant Home Program  
Public Works Equipment $582,000
      Recycling Truck  
      Roll-off Truck  
      Ford Explorer  
      1-ton Pickup Truck  
      Replace Wreaths and Bows  
Misc. Drainage Work $200,000
Library $6,420
      Exterior Marble Column Restoration  

 Project Description  Funding                   
 Road Program  $1,928,660
           W Atlantic Avenue  
           Concord Drive  
           Ellis Street  
           Centre Street  
           W Park Avenue  
           W Cottage Cottage  
           Springfield Terrace   
           Walnut Street  

Police - bike patrol   $6,000                                                 
 Recreation Improvements  $463,000
           Improvement to Tennis Courts  
           Fence at Crows Woods   
           Crows Woods Garden Pad   
           Reconstuction of Centennial Field   
 Stiles Ave Parking Lot  $160,000
 Various Building Improvements  $100,000 
 Computers  $24,000 
 Public Works Equipment  $510,000
           Recycling Truck   
           Street Sweeper