Partnership for Haddonfield - Downtown Shopping

PARTNERSHIP FOR HADDONFIELD, LLC is the management corporation for Haddonfield’s Business Improvement District. The ordinance creating the district was adopted on February 10, 2004 to encourage self-help and self-financing programs within the business community, enhance the commercial viability and attractiveness of the business district and promote growth and employment within the Borough. The mission of the PfH is to provide leadership that produces the best downtown in the region by creating and promoting a superior business mix, and enhancing the image of Haddonfield in the marketplace. The PfH offers grant programs to attract distinctive retailers in targeted categories and fine dining restaurants, sponsors business networking events, maintains and promotes the website, actively markets the downtown, and organizes special events.

2021 Partnership for Haddonfield Budget Document
2020 Partnership for Haddonfield Budget Document
2019 Partnership for Haddonfield Budget Document

The members of the Partersnip for Haddonfield, LLC are:   

Board of Trustees

Commissioner - Colleen Bianco Bezich

Professionals, service providers, and non-retail businesses –
Matt Cowperthwait
Gary Klosner
Adam Puff

Retailers -
Bob Hochgertel
Andrea Miller
Andrea Ranno

Commercial Property Owners -
Scott Leonard
Sean Leonard
John Master, Jr.

Residents - Susan Hodges, Chairperson

Alternates -
Jackie LaMaina Russell,  Alternate I
Anne Picking, Alternate II

Treasurer - Parker & Associates

PfH - Tax Credit Program          
Tax Rebate Program Information  


The Board meets six times per year at 8:30 a.m. in the Borough Hall, Room 102
Please check the calendar for the specific dates
(11 members with staggered 3 yr terms, 2 alternates 1 yr terms)