Code Enforcement Process

The Code Enforcement Process begins with a complaint about a property that is viewed as unsafe to the health and/or safety of others or is in violation of the Borough of Haddonfield Code of Ordinances submitted to the Code Enforcement Officer. Once the complaint has been received, the Code Enforcement Officer will investigate it to determine whether it is valid. During the investigation, the Officer will visit the complaint site and take any necessary documentation for evidence. When the investigation is completed, the property owner in violation is notified via US Mail to remediate the issue (s) as soon as possible. If communication between the violator and the Code Enforcement Office is not made within thirty (30) days of the notice, a second notice will be sent via certified mail. If communication and remediation are not made by the deadline stated on the certified notice, a summons for court appearance will be issued and delivered via certified mail. The issue will then be moved to the Municipal Court.