Information for Realtors



Sale of a House
Before the sale of a house and transfer of legal title can be completed in Haddonfield, inspections must be performed by the Sidewalk Inspector and Fire Marshall. Fire Inspection and Sidewalk Inspection forms can be found here. Please note that if your property does not have a sidewalk but does have a driveway, a sidewalk inspection will still need to be completed before settlement.

Signs of any kind are never permitted in the park strip and will be removed.  Removed signs are kept behind Borough Hall for approximately two weeks, after which they are discarded.

  • For Sale signs or Open House signs are only permitted on the property of the house for sale.
  • Open House signs are only permitted during the day of the open house. Directional signs are not permitted.
  • Balloons of any kind are not permitted.

The Borough provides one “Move-Out” pickup per residence to assist homeowners when selling their home. This special pickup relaxes the 6 piece per residence limit and allows for additional items to be placed for pickup on the scheduled trash day. To assure that all items are removed, it is necessary for the trash removal company to be notified in advance of the trash day. Please call Waste Management at 800-633-9096

  • All items placed curbside must meet the requirements for proper placement of trash found under "Trash Regulations."
  • Only a reasonable amount of trash will be taken by the trash company for a Move Out pickup. Excessively large amounts of trash or household cleanouts will require a dumpster or disposed at a state approved sanitary landfill at the property owner’s cost.
  • Dumpster Permit Application