Forms and Applications

Navigating the Process: A Guide to the Borough of Haddonfield's Construction/Zoning/Planning Permit Applications


The Borough of Haddonfield DOES NOT accept electronic payment for permit application fees. Cash and checks are both accepted. Checks should be made payable to The Borough of Haddonfield.

Construction Permits

UCC Building Subcode Technical         •UCC Electrical Subcode Technical        •UCC Plumbing Subcode Technical  
•UCC Mechanical Subcode Technical   •UCC Elevator Subcode Technical          •UCC Fire Subcode Technical       
Framing Checklist                                   •Construction Permit Jacket                   Air Barrier & Insulation Checklist  
UCC Application for Variation               •UCC Application for Certificate             Chimney Certification     

Affordable Housing Development Fee Form 

Pre-Construction Video Requirements & Form   
A Pre-Construction Video is required for whole house demolitions, new house construction, additions and any project that will require the use of a backhoe, tractor or other similar equipment; or will require the placement of a dumpster at the property. 
If you are unsure if your construction project requires this form, please contact the Construction & Zoning Office.

Tree Protection Certification Form

Tree Protection Policy 
The mission of the Haddonfield Shade Tree Commission is to provide safe town trees while replacing, maintaining and preserving existing Borough trees and overall tree canopy. Unless a tree is unsafe, sick or dying it will not be removed. The community is best served and town budget expenses are reduced by maintaining existing mature trees rather than removing and replacing them without just cause. New trees are chosen for their historical longevity, disease resistance, growth characteristics and beauty.

Green Development Checklist
In 2013, the Borough of Haddonfield adopted a resolution to implement a Green Building Policy that will consider opportunities to incorporate green building measures into the design, construction, operation and maintenance of municipal buildings and facilities and will encourage green design for commercial and residential buildings. The purpose of this resolution is to enhance the public welfare and to assure that commercial, residential and civic development is consistent with the Borough's desire to create a more sustainable community.

Required Inspections for UCC Permits 

Haddonfield Borough Construction Fee Schedule 

Dumpster/Pod Permit (to be submitted to the Haddonfield Police Department)

Zoning & Planning Permits

Engineering Escrow Deposit Form

Escrow Release Form

Zoning Permit / Fence Permit     •Variance Application    •Variance- Burden of Proof Requirements    
Table of Residential Zoning Requirements      •Subdivision Application  •Site Plan Checklist
Historic Preservation Application for Certification
Utility Notice

Property Surveys:

The Construction and Community Development Office does not keep property surveys on file. Homeowners usually receive a survey at the time of closing. 
If you do not have a copy of your survey you can contact your mortgage company to request one or hire a survey company to have a new one created.

Other Resources: for the Uniform Construction Code Forms.

Outdoor Dining, Outdoor Merchandise Display, and Outdoor Marketing Graphic Display permits must be renewed each calendar year.  Renewal applications MUST include a copy of the insurance form listing the Borough of Haddonfield as a certificate holder.  If any changes are made, a new application must be submitted, reviewed, and approved.