Opening a Business in Haddonfield

Thank you for your interest in joining the Haddonfield Business Community!  The Partnership for Haddonfield Inc. is the management corporation for Haddonfield’s Business Improvement District. The ordinance creating the district was adopted on February 10, 2004 to encourage self-help and self-financing programs within the business community, enhance the commercial viability and attractiveness of the business district and promote growth and employment within the Borough. Find out more about Downtown Haddonfield at

Applications will not be accepted unless all forms are correctly completed. 
Payment is due at the time of application submission: Please note that the Borough of Haddonfield Does Not accept electronic payment for applications. Cash or Checks are accepted; Checks should be made payable to the Borough of Haddonfield.

Requirements for New Businesses
Haddonfield does not require new businesses to obtain a mercantile license. However, all new businesses in Haddonfield are required to submit a Zoning Permit before commencing business. Applications should be submitted to the Zoning Officer, Tavis Karrow in Room 104 of Borough Hall 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday. Please contact the Construction Office with any questions or concerns at (856)-429-4700 ext. 210

Business Signs and Outdoor Displays: To be Renewed Annually
Businesses are required to submit a Business Sign Application before displaying/hanging a business sign at their location. The Business Sign Application will be reviewed by the Historic Preservation Commission. If approved, the business will then need to apply for a Construction Permit before hanging or displaying a business sign.

Businesses, that sell food for consumption off site or have retail merchandise in at least 51% of their floor space,wishing to display an A-frame sign on the public sidewalk must apply for an Outdoor Marketing Graphic Display permit. These permits should be submitted to the Zoning Officer for approval.

Any business that wishes to display merchandise on the public sidewalk must apply for an Outdoor Merchandise Display permit.

**Businesses may not have both an Outdoor Merchandise Display and an Outdoor Marketing Graphic Display.**

Outdoor Eating Facility: To be Renewed Annually
Businesses that wish to have an outdoor eating area must complete an Outdoor Eating Facility permit.