Chipper Schedule

Tree Limbs and Branches - From January through October, the chipper truck will run only on the third full trash week of the month, beginning on the third Monday of the month.**  Branches to be chipped shall be placed on the curb strip, not in the street. The Borough will not pick up entire trees taken down from private property.  Limbs can only be a maximum of 6 inches in diameter, however they can be long.  No need to cut limbs into 2-foot pieces; the process is faster if the limbs are longer.  Also, please do not tie branches for chipping; they will not be chipped if tied.  Small piles of twigs or branches can be tied for the veg truck, however it is preferrable to chip significant quanities of branches as well as all larger branches.

**During the months of November and December the Chipper truck service is suspended.  This is due to Leaf Collection loose at the curb, as this massive process requires a large amount of the Public Works Dept. resources.  Also, the truck that typically pulls the chipper is dedicated to pulling a leaf machine during this time.  It is necessary for residents to keep branches away from the leaf piles so the leaf machines are able to collect the leaves, therefore it is suggested that branches be kept in the back or side yard until January.

If removing entire shrubs, they can be chipped only if the root is cut from the bush.  Roots removed from shrub should have dirt removed and then placed in cans or paper bags and weighing less than 50 pounds for collection by the Veg Truck.

During January for Christmas Trees chipping, all decorations including garland, tinsel, lights, and plastic disposal bags must be removed when trees are placed curbside.  These materials cannot go through the chipper; trees with any of these items will be left at the curb.

Tree Stumps and Bamboo cannot be chipped and may be placed out for collection by the vegetative waste truck.  Stumps must weigh less than 50 pounds and place in a can or brown paper bag for collection.  Bamboo must be tied and bundled for pickup by the veg truck.