Sale of Water and Wastewater Utility Systems

    1. Letter to Residents - August 2014 (pdf)
    2. Questions and Answers Brochure - August 2014 (pdf)
    3. Summary (pdf)
    4. Absentee Ballot application
      • The application is available online at
        1. Print out and complete application. Print and sign your name where indicated.
        2. Mail to: Joseph Ripa, County Clerk, Office of the County Clerk, Election Division, P.O. Box 150, Camden, NJ 08101-0150; or
        3. Deliver to Joseph Ripa, County Clerk, Election Division - Room 102, 520 Market Street, Camden, NJ 08102
      • Warning: Your Vote By Mail application must be received by the County Clerk not later than 7 daysprior to the election, unless you apply in person during the County Clerk's office hours up to 3:00 pm the day prior to the election. For more information call (856) 225-7219.
5. Meetings

      • Wednesday, June 25, 2014, 7:30 pm
      • Public Information Meetings
        • September 24, 10:00 am in Borough Hall Auditorium
        • October 11, 9:00 am in Borough Hall Auditorium
        • October 13, 7:30 pm in Borough Hall Auditorium

6. Borough Documents

      1. Schedule (pdf)
      2. Bid Document
        1. Resolution Authorizing Solicitation of Bids (pdf)
        2. Notice of Bid - Water and Sewer Utility (pdf)
        3. Instructions to Bidders (pdf)
        4. Bid Forms (pdf)
        5. Sale Agreement - Available in the Administration Office, Room 101 of Borough Hall
        6. Systems Descriptions and Analysis
          1. Description of Existing Water and Wastewater Facilities by Remington and Vernick Engineers, updated March 2014 - Document located further down under Engineer Reports and Capital Plan.
          2. Revenue Report (pdf)
          3. G.P.M. Associates Report on System Value up to 2003 (pdf)
        7. Information Regarding the Water and Wastewater System
          1. Water Allocation Permit
            1. Water Allocation Permit Minor Modifications, June 2009 (pdf)
            2. Water Allocation Permit Renewal, March 10, 2006 (pdf)
          2. Borough Residents served by NJ American Water Company (pdf)
          3. NJ American Water Company Customers served by Borough (pdf)
          4. Annual Drinking Water Quality Report, 2011
          5. NJDEP Compliance Report, May 17, 2012 (Water)
          6. NJDEP Compliance Report, June 13, 2012 (Sewer) (pdf)
          7. Rates and Charges for the System (pdf)
          8. ISO Rating Report (pdf)
          9. 2013 Water Pumpage Report (pdf)
          10. List of Meters by size - available in the Administration Office, Room 101 of Borough Hall
          11. System Employees (pdf)
        8. Financial and Demographic Information for the Borough (pdf)
        9. Maps and Drawings - all maps available in the Administration Office, Room 101 of Borough Hall
          1. Sanitary Sewer System Map
          2. Water Utilities Map
          3. Utility System Improvements (2003 - 2013)
        10. Existing Collateral Agreements - all documents available in the Administration Office, Room 101 of Borough Hall
          1. Off Peak Water Supply Agreement between New Jersey American Water Company and Borough
          2. Easement, right of way and reservation of rights for Borough Property
          3. Easement with New Jersey American Water Company to Service the Lake Street Interconnection
          4. Lease with AT&T Wireless PCS for location of cellular phone antennae
          5. Lease with Omnipoint Communications for location of cellular phone antennae
          6. Lease with Cricket Communications, Inc. for location of cellular phone antennae
          7. Sewer Agreements with Haddon Township, Haddon Heights, Tavistock Borough, Audubon Borough, and Barrington Borough
          8. Water Supply Agreement between the Borough and National Church Residences of Haddon Township, a non-profit senior housing development
          9. Kings Lane/Legion Lane Agreements
          10. Haddon Township Sewer Plant Agreement
          11. Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority Agreement regarding inflow and infiltration
      3. Proposals provided in response to bid
        1. New Jersey American Water Bid Response (pdf)
        2. Aqua New Jersey, Inc Bid Response (pdf)
        3. United Water Bid Response (pdf)
      4. Ballot question and explanation statement
      5. Pros and Cons for five management options (pdf)
      6. Questions review in analysis (pdf)
      7. Power Point presentation
        1. Meeting Presentation (pdf)
        2. Meeting Handout (pdf)
      8. Talking points
      9. Summary of proposed rate analysis
        1. Backup Documents
          1. Borough rate projections (pdf)
          2. Borough's projection of NJAW rates (pdf)
          3. Rate Comparison for NJAW and Borough (pdf)
          4. Borough revenue and appropriations calculations (pdf)
          5. Borough debt service calculations (pdf)
          6. Assumptions used in calculations (pdf)
          7. Current Borough rates compared to surrounding communities

7. Engineer Reports and Capital Plan

      1. Initial overview report provided by citizens advisory committee (pdf)
      2. Engineer's report provided in bid document - March 2014 (pdf)
      3. Updated report with accelerated capital plan (pdf)
      4. Report detailing capital expenses from 2003 until current (pdf)
      5. Original 11 year capital plan (pdf)

8. New Jersey American Water documents - all items listed below have been provided by NJAW

      1. 8-11-2014 Governor Christie Signs Legislation that Protects Company's Largest Water Treatment Plant (pdf)
      2. About New Jersey American Water (pdf)
      3. Claim vs Reality (pdf)
      4. Poster used at Haddonfield Public Meeting 6-25-2014 (pdf)
      5. Fact Sheet (pdf)
      6. Community Committment Brochure (pdf)
      7. Haddonfield Partner Survey (pdf)
      8. New Jersey American Water Intro Letter (pdf)
      9. NJAW Website
      10. Video- We are NJ American Water
      11. Video-Our Community Commitment to Haddonfield
      12. Euclid Letter (pdf)

9. Articles of Interest

      1. July 16, Atlantic City Press - New Jersey may face $44 billion bill to update water and sewer systems

11. Food and Water Watch documents - all items listed below have been provided by FWW with the exception of the response from Commissioner Moscatelli. Information has not been fact-checked or verified

      1. Letter of Opposition (pdf)
      2. Letter of Opposition - Response from Commissioner Moscatelli (pdf)
      3. New Jersey - Has water privatization gone too far - September 2010
      4. Borrowing Trouble Water Privatization is a False Solution for Municipal Budget Shortfalls - April 2013
      5. American Water - A corporate profile - November 2013

12. Questions and Answers submitted by residents

      1. Questions received prior to 8.12.14 (pdf)
      2. There were no questions received between 8.13 and 8.22
      3. Questions received between 8.23.14 to 8.29.14 (pdf)