Stormwater Management - Municipally Managed

The Public Works Department is responsible for storm drains and inlets on Borough streets. Camden County Public Works is responsible for storm water facilities on County roads.

2021 Stormwater Ordinance

Municipalities are required to educate their residents and businesses on the impact of their day-to-day activities on stormwater quality. Topics include things such as proper use and disposal of fertilizers and pesticides, using native or well-adapted vegetation that requires little or no fertilization, and properly disposing of pet wastes, used motor oil and household hazardous wastes. Please click on the links below for more specific information.

Stormwater Regulations
2015 Stormwater Letter and Action Plan 
Solutions to Stormwater Pollution 
2019 Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SPPP)
Stormwater Management Plan
What is a Watershed? 
How Does Urbanization Change a Watershed? 
What is Nonpoint Source Pollution?  
What is Ground Water? 
Fact Sheets - Various Composting Strategies (coming soon)