Memoir Project with the High School

The 2023 Memoir Project has ended - we'll be back in Fall 2024!!  We'll keep our 2023 info here so you can read what it was all about:
December 19th was Memoir Handoff Day, the culmination of the months-long project where ninth graders from Mrs. Maeise’s English classes at Haddonfield Memorial High School came back to the senior center for their final visit to present to their senior the written memoir that they have worked on since October. The students interviewed their senior and then wrote narratives based on their interviews, added in photos, and presented their hardcover keepsake.  (Our favorite quote from today from one of our seniors…"I have two new boyfriends!")

There were lots of hugs, a few tears, and the knowledge that bonds were formed between the generations. Inter-generational programming is one of our goals at Mabel Kay - there are just so many benefits. Beyond the transfer of knowledge, this structure fosters reciprocal learning between different generations and helps to develop understanding, patience and communication between young and old.


We are very grateful for Mrs. Maeise’s steadfast enthusiasm and ability to foster in her students a love and respect for seniors, and to the administrators at Haddonfield School District for giving the green light on this program.


We are also very grateful to Amanda Hall Studios LLC who generously donated her time and skills to photograph portraits of our seniors.


Finally, we are immensely thankful for Michelle Cassin Real Estate who donated the printing costs for these memoirs. We are so grateful she chose us out of all the worthy causes out there.

What is the Memoir Project?

The Project: You will have the opportunity to document your own life story (with a little help from some friends). Intergenerational programming is one of our goals at Mabel Kay – such a great way for kids to learn from you and you to learn from the kids.

 We will once again be collaborating with Mrs. Maeise’s 9th grade English classes from Haddonfield Memorial High School to write your memoir. The students will meet with you over the course of the semester, interview you, get to know your life story, write it up, and hand you a finished product for you to keep or to hand down to your family (a holiday gift perhaps?) It’s a great opportunity for you to teach them about moments in history, what life was like “back then,” and what life was like before modern technologies like smart phones and the internet were invented (to name a few). We will once again have a professional photographer, Amanda Hall Studios, volunteering her time to take photos for the final product.