Coffee and Schmooze Wednesdays 10a-12p


Coffee and Schmooze
Wednesdays from 10am-12pm at Mabel Kay

Make Mabel Kay your "go to" to hang out, drink some coffee or tea, meet some new neighbors, and have a general location to meet with fellow seniors. 

Chat about life/current events
Share a photo of a friend or family member or pet
Read a book
Do a crossword
Play a boardgame
Discuss a specific topic
Ask someone for tech help
Teach/learn a new skill
Play piano
Lead a baking project
Lead a volunteer project
Knit or crochet
Tell jokes
Knit, quilt or crochet
(Complain about your kids - just kidding!)
Do magic tricks!

The more people who come, the more fun it will be.  Maybe even head to lunch afterward with new friends and neighbors? Or shop at Acme together? This is a place for seniors to make connections and meet some new people.