Property Tax and Shopping Incentive Program

The Borough of Haddonfield is pleased to offer the property tax and shopping incentive program, sponsored by the Partnership for Haddonfield and Republic Bank, that allows you to receive a percentage of your local purchases back as a credit on your property tax bill!  Just use your Shop Haddonfield reward card when you shop at participating Haddonfield businesses. Renters and visitors can also participate and receive an annual rebate check.

Here’s how the new program works:
> Register the Shop Haddonfield card by calling (732) 946-0919 between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, or online anytime at  The Shop Haddonfield cards are available at Borough Hall in the Clerk's Office, Room 101 or by calling the office at 856-429-4700 ext 200

> Check out the list of participating businesses at the website above or by locating the Shop Haddonfield decal displayed in the window of a participating business. If you favorite business is not reqistered ask them Why Not!

> Use your registered card when you shop at a participating business by presenting it with your form of payment at the time of purchase.  Each business determines the amount of tax reward it is offering, which could range from 2 or 3 percent to 10 percent or more.

> Property tax reward amounts will be processed when you make your purchase and will accrue in an escrow account until the end of each program fiscal year (April 30th). The total dollar amount of credits accrued will then be credited to your third quarter tax bill, mailed out by the Borough during the summer.  Renters and visitors will receive an annual rebate check, subject to a $7.00 processing fee.

The Shop Haddonfield reward program is a community effort that will help our downtown thrive while reducing your local property tax burden.  It’s been popular and successful in several other towns, and we hope it will contribute to keeping our downtown great for years to come!

We hope this program will encourage you to shop locally, since it is a win-win for both residents and local businesses in Haddonfield.  Please give our local merchants a chance to win your business – and if you shop at a local business that is not participating, please ask them to do so.

If you have questions, please direct them to the program administrator, FinCredit Inc., by calling (732) 946-0919.  For the latest information about our downtown, please visit