State of New Jersey Tax Relief Programs

Five Deductions are allowed by NJ State Statutes: Senior Citizens, Surviving Spouses of Qualified Senior Citizens, Veterans, Veterans Widows/Widowers and Disabled Persons. Information regarding application forms and qualifications may be obtained by contacting the Tax Collector's Office

Important information regarding the 2019 Senior Freeze Program - Click on "Property Tax Relief - Budget Information"

New Jersey Property Tax Relief Programs:

The State of New Jersey provides information regarding programs at their website or by calling the following numbers:

Property Tax Reimbursement "Senior Freeze":
To check the status of a filed application 1-800-882-6597  
Website link:       

Homestead Benefit Program:

Hotline:  1-888-238-1233   Monday - Friday from 8:30am to 5:30pm  
Website Link:       

Hard of Hearing Users Text Telelphone Service (TTY/TDD)
609-984-7300 or 800-286-6613 (withing NJ, NY, PA, DE, and MD)

Downloadable Forms:

Disabled Veterans Exemption

Senior/Disabled Tax Deduction

Veteran Tax Deduction

 For information about State Property Tax Relief Programs, including eligibility criterion and potential deduction or credit amounts, please visit the Division of Taxation's website at: