Important Current Topics - 2018 Archive

Leaf Collection Info 2018 

Leaf Collection 2018 has been completed.  Three full passes have been made throughout town.
No further collection of loose leaves will occur in 2018.  Any additional leaves may be placed in your veg waste can or in craft paper leaf bags (available at most hardware stores), and they will be collected with your vegetative waste.  Vegetative waste is collected once a month during the winter months, the remaining of which are the weeks of January 7th, February 4th and March 4th on your regular trash day.  Loose leaves will be collected again during spring clean-up in April. Posted 12/24/2018

PRELIMINARY General Election Results

The PRELIMINARY RESULTS for the the November 6, 2018 General Election for Haddonfield are available.  The Vote-By-Mail and Early Voting counts are not yet tabulated.  We will post the final results once we have those numbers from the County Board of Elections. Posted 11/07/2018

Vote-By-Mail Ballots

If you are registered to receive Vote-By-Mail ballots and wish to be removed from that list, please check out the information at for the pre-paid postage form to be sent to the Superintendent of Elections for Camden County. Posted 11/06/2018

Delay in Leaf Collection **UPDATE**

Due to the CONTINUED slow start to this year’s leaf fall we are postponing our major loose leaf collection effort for an additional week.  We will continue sending out a couple of trucks the week of November 5th (as we did for the week of October 29th) to get those loose leaves that are out now, but this will not count toward our guaranteed three pick-ups. 
We expect to start collection in full force the week of November 12th and go through the week of December 17th.  We will still guarantee three collections at each address. 
During leaf collection daily updates are available on the Borough website, our FaceBook page, and notices will be emailed to those who have signed up through our website (e-notify sign-up) that new information is available for review. Posted November 2, 2018

Veg Collection Schedule through March 2019

With the beginning of Leaf Season on October 29, the Vegetative collection will switch from weekly pickup to once per month collection.  That monthly collection will occur on the first full week of each month from November 2018 through March 2019.  There will be no veg collection in cans or brown paper bags during the week of October 29; the next pickup will be the week of Nov. 5, 2018.    Posted October 23, 2018

Delay in Leaf Collection

Due to the slow start to this year’s leaf fall we are postponing our major loose leaf collection effort.  
We will be sending out a couple of trucks the week of October 29th to get those loose leaves that are out now, but this will not count toward our guaranteed three pick-ups. 
We expect to start collection in full force the week of November 5th and go through the week of December 3rd.  We will still guarantee three collections at each address. 
During leaf collection daily updates are available on the Borough website, our FaceBook page, and notices will be emailed to those who have signed up through our website (e-notify sign-up) that new information is available for review. Posted October 23, 2018

Grove St Bridge Closure Oct. 22 - Nov. 6

The Grove Street Bridge will be closed to all through traffic beginning Monday, October 22.  It is anticipated that the bridge will be reopened by November 6.  During the recent restoration project, it was discovered that there was further deterioration in the concrete due to water seepage.  To eliminate further damage to the bridge the parts of the island that sit atop the bridge will be removed.  Portions of the island will remain on either end of the roadway.  An impervious layer of asphalt will be installed on the bridge decking to eliminate future issues. Posted October 18, 2018

Grove Street Detour Map - Copy

Collection Schedule Week of Oct. 8, 2018

Due to Columbus Day, Public Works will be closed.  Collections for week of Oct. 8 will be: Mon. October 8:  Trash on schedule; recycling & veg postponed. Tues. Oct. 9:  Trash on schedule; Recycling for Mon. & Tues. routes, Veg for Mon. route. Wed. Oct. 10:  Trash & recycling on schedule, Veg for Tues. & Wed. routes. Thur. Oct. 11 & Fri. Oct. 12:  All collections on reg. scheduled day.
NEW INFORMATION FROM RECYCLE PLANT:  The Borough has been informed by the Recycle Plant that plastic bags can no longer be accepted.  If you have been using plastic bags inside your recycle can to line it, or if you include plastic bags from grocery stores in your recycle bins, please discontinue this immediately. The plant will begin assessing a fee to the Borough for contaminated loads. DO NOT put plastic bags into your recycling container; however you should use plastic bags for trash in your regular trash can. Posted 10/4/18

Free Shred Event

Haddonfield will hold its annual free shredding event on Saturday September 29th from 9a-1p at the Archer & Greiner parking lot off Euclid Ave.  This is residential only, no businesses.  See you there!

Labor Day Collection Schedule & New Recycle Info

Labor Day Collection schedule for the week of Sept. 3 will be as follows:  Monday, Sept. 3:  Labor Day Holiday, no collections.  Public Works Dept. is closed. Tuesday, Sept. 4:  Trash & Veg collection for the Monday route, Recycling collection for the Monday and Tuesday routes.  Wednesday, Sept. 5:  Trash & Veg collection for the Tuesday & Wed. routes, Recycling on schedule for Wed. route. Thursday, Sept. 6 & Friday Sept. 7:  Trash, Recycling and Veg on schedule. NEW INFORMATION FROM RECYCLE PLANT:  The Borough has been informed by the Recycle Plant that plastic bags can no longer be accepted.  If you have been using plastic bags inside your recycle can, or if you use plastic bags from grocery stores, please discontinue this immediately.  The plant will begin assessing a fee to the Borough for contaminated loads. Posted 8/31/18

NJAW Water Flushing Fall Schedule

Each year, New Jersey American Water scrubs their pipes in the nearly 200 communities they serve. This is an essential part of their system maintenance program, because it helps us continue to provide you with high-quality water service.
To cleanse the system, they systematically open the fire hydrants to increase water flows – allowing us to “flush” any minerals and deposits from the pipes. While flushing the system won’t interrupt your water service, when crews are working in your area, you may notice a temporary drop in water pressure or discolored water. This is normal. If this happens, simply let your cold water run until it is clear. Customer Tips Avoid running your tap water and using the washing machine or dishwasher while crews are flushing in your area.
If discolored water occurs, simply run the cold water for a few minutes until it clear. This will allow the sediment to work its way through your pipes.
Check for discolored water before using the washing machine or dishwasher. Wait until the water runs clear at the tap before doing laundry or running the dishwasher. NOTE: If your laundry becomes stained, DO NOT PUT YOUR LAUNDRY IN THE DRYER. Rewash clothes immediately using detergent and add a rust remover. Most rust removers can also be used on stained fixtures.
In some cases, slight discoloration might linger for a few hours. This discoloration only affects the appearance of the water and does not affect water quality. No health hazards are associated with discolored water from hydrant flushing.
If water pressure or water volume seems low after flushing has been completed, check your faucet screens for trapped particles. 2018 Flushing Schedule Here is a link to the areas where flushing is scheduled. Please know this is partial. Check website weekly to find out when we're flushing in your area.  2018 Flushing Schedule  Posted 8/27/2018

Extended Road Closure for Bridge Work - Grove Street

Starting August 13, 2018 at 7:00am, the Grove Street bridge will close for outbound traffic (towards Cherry Hill). NO TRAFFIC will be permitted Northbound over the bridge past Coles Mill Rd. Only traffic coming into town from Cherry Hill will be permitted.
This closure will be in place 24/7 for up to the next two months. Please see map below for detour route. Posted August 2, 2018 grove closed

Fourth of July Collections

The schedule for trash, recycling and veg collection for the week of the Fourth of July will be as follows:

4th of July Collection7/2 & 7/3/18:  Trash, recycling & veg will be on schedule for Mon. & Tues. routes. 7/4/18:  No collections 7/5/18:  Trash and recycling for Wed. & Thurs. routes, Veg. for Wed. route 7/6/18:  Trash and recycling for Friday route, Veg for Thur. & Friday routes. Chipper:  The Chipper is scheduled the week of July 16 for loose branches placed curbside.  Remember, chipper is scheduled only for the third full week of each month except when it is discontinued during November and December.  Posted:  6/29/18

Memorial Day Collections

Due to Memorial Day, trash, recycling, and veg debris collection will be as follows: Trash & Recycling: Mon. and Tues. routes will be collected on Tuesday, May 29. Veg Debris Collection:   Mon. route will be collected on Tues, May 29. Tues. & Wed. routes will be collected on Wed. May 30. Thursday & Friday routes will be on schedule.
Please have your items out the night before, or no later than 7am the day of collection.     Remember, the Chipper Truck will collect lose branches the week of June 18. Posted:  5/25/18

New Categories under E-Notify

We have added three new categories under the E-Notify tab on our home page:  - Planning Board's Land Use Sub-Committee - Dowtown Haddonfield Vision Plan - Strategic Plan
You can sign up to receive notices any time there are changes to these new categories, as well as any of the other tabs that may interest you.  Just pull the left tabs out on the home screen, sign in and then click on the subjects you are interested in! Posted 05/14/2018

2018 Road Program Preliminary Schedule (subject to change) 

The 2018 Road Program is scheduled to start next Monday May 7, 2018.  Below please find the preliminary schedule, this is subject to change due to weather and other circumstances beyond our control. 2018 Road Program schedule_Page_1 - Copy

2018 Road Program schedule_Page_2 - Copy
Public Meeting on Bancroft

On May 2, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. professionals from 2 Hopkins Lane, LLC, the conditional developer of the Bancroft site, will make a presentation to the public.  Topics to be discussed include the proposed layout for the development and building exterior options.  All residents and interested parties are invited to attend.  The meeting will be in the auditorium of Borough Hall. Posted 4/18/2018

Public Notice - Amending the 2008 Open Space and Recreation Plan

Please click here to get information regarding the Board of Commissioner's proposed changes to the 2008 Open Space and Recreation Plan Posted 04/13/2018

Boxwood Hall - Subdivision Plan

Click here to see the subdivision plan for the Boxwood Hall property.  This application is in front of the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) at their April 18th meeting at 7:30 p.m. and will then go before the Planning Board (PB) at their May 1st meeting at 7:30 p.m. Posted 4/12/18

April is Spring Cleanup Month

Spring Cleanup begins April 2 through April 27, 2018.  Collections will be on the regular trash day each week. The Chipper will collect limbs placed loose on the park strip the 1st and 3rd weeks of April.   Remember – limbs can only be a maximum diameter of 6 inches, however they can be long!  No need to cut limbs into 2 foot pieces; the process is faster if the limbs are longer. Leaf trucks will collect leaves placed loose at the curb during the 2nd  and 4th weeks.   Remember – do not place the leaves in the street!   Place your raked piles on the park strip. Vegetative Waste:  Beginning April 2, the Veg Truck will resume weekly collection.  This truck will run weekly into October.
For additional information, see Public Works Spring Cleanup    Posted 3/29/18   

Trash Collection/Friday Route & Chipper Info

Trash for the Friday route will be collected on Saturday, March 24.  All other trash routes will have been collected by the end of the day Friday.  Also, Recycling has been completed in all sections for this week. The Chipper will again be out for storm debris the week of March 26; place your loose branches at the curb for chipping.    Posted 3/23/18   

Historic Preservation Commission Meeting Canelled. Their next regularly scheduled meeting is April 18, 2018 at 7:30 p.m.
The Borough Hall offices have been closed today, March 21st, due to the weather.  We expect to be opened again on Thursday, March 22nd.
Zoning Board Meeting - March 21st Due to inclement weather the Zoning Board Meeting for tonight has been postponed to Tuesday, March 27, 2018 at 7:30 p.m.
Trash/Recycling/Snow Rules - March 21 Snowstorm

Due to the forecasted March 21 snowstorm, trash and recycling for the Wednesday route will be postponed until Thursday; place your items out by 7am Thursday morning.   
It is possible, due to conditions that may exist, part of the Thursday and Friday routes may also be delayed.  Residents in these sections are asked to place items out on the morning of their regular collection day to avoid having missed pickup.   
SNOW RULES With the upcoming snow please make arrangements to park your car either in a borough parking lot or private property overnight so that we may more easily plow the streets without plowing your vehicle in.  Additionally, the Borough does not clear driveways that get blocked in the process of plowing the streets.  Property owners are responsible for clearing snow and ice from sidewalks in front of their property.

§ 232-23.  Temporary parking prohibition for snow plowing and removal.  A.        Whenever snow has fallen and the accumulation is such that it covers the street or highway, an emergency shall exist and no vehicle shall be parked on the following streets or highways or portions therefrom indicated. The above parking prohibitions shall remain in effect after the snow has ceased until the streets have been plowed sufficiently and to the extent that parking will not interfere with the normal flow of traffic. Posted:  3/20/18.

Construction at PATCO Station

PATCO is updating Haddonfield and surrounding train stations to make them fully handicapped accessible.  Additional information about the elevator project is on available at Haddonfield Elev Rendering

Storm Delayed Veg & Chipper Collection for March 2018

Veg debris for both the Thursday and Friday trash routes will be collected on Friday, March 9, 2018.
The Chipper Truck will continue to clean up branches, please place loose at the curb.  The entire route will be completed to collect debris from the recent storms, however the process will take time due to the large quantity of debris in need of chipping. Posted 3/8/18

Commissioner's Work Session Cancelled

The Commissioner's Work Session scheduled for tonight March 8, 2018 has been cancelled. Posted 3/8/18

Smoke Detector Inspection Fee Increased

Effective March 1, 2018 the fees for Smoke Detector Inspections have been increased.  The State required that all municipalities bring their fees inline with those from the State by this date.  See Ordinance 2018-02 for these changes to Chapter 114.

Special Joint Meetings bewteen Commissioners and Board of Education - March 12, 2018 @ 7;00 p.m. - Borough Hall Auditorium

The Haddonfield Board of Commissioners and the Board of Education will hold a joint meeting on March 12, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. in the Auditorium of Borough Hall.  The purpose of the meeting is to discusss a possible land swap.  Currently the Board of Education owns Scout Field and two small parcels across the street from the field.  There is interest in swapping those parcels for the "Hopkins parcel", which is what the portion of the Bancroft lot on the western side of Hopkins Lane is being called, and which is owned by the Borough.

Presidents Day Trash Collection Schedule

Trash collection for the week of Feb. 19 shall be as follows:
Monday 2/19/18:  Trash on schedule, recycling rescheduled Tues. 2/20/18:  Trash on schedule, recycling for Mon & Tues routes.  Chipping begins. Wed. 2/21/18 through Fri. 2/23/18:  Trash & recycling on schedule, chipping continues Posted 2/16/18

Veg Debris Collection Information

UPDATE:  2/5/18:  Veg debris collection will be somewhat delayed due to a truck repair issue; collection will begin on Tuesday 2/6 in the Monday route.  Place your veg cans and brown paper bags out on your trash day; patience is requested as DPW will have additional men on the truck to collect as much as possible each day.
Residents are reminded that during the winter when temperatures fluctuate between moderately warm and freezing, wet debris sometimes freezes inside the veg cans.  If the debris is frozen during veg collection week, it is difficult for DPW to empty the cans since banging to loosen the debris generally results in cracked cans.  Residents may choose to use brown paper veg bags in place of cans to avoid this issue. Posted 2/5/18.

Chipper and Leaf Collection Information

CHIPPER:  Since early Jan. the chipper has completed the Monday, Tuesday, and Wed. routes.  On Wed. 1/17 the Chipper will resume in the Thur. section.  When the Thur. and Friday sections have been completed, the entire route will be completed again, beginning with the Monday section.   
LEAF COLLECTION INFO:   On Monday, 1/22/18 the leaf truck will collect on Kings Highway from Chews Landing to Warwick.  On Monday all streets will have had a fourth pass, and leaf collection will be finished. 
Streets completed on: 1/19/18:  All streets in the Friday trash route were completed, including those on Kings Highway East as noted on 1/18/18. 1/18/18:  All streets in the Thursday trash route were completed except Kings Highway East from Potter to Borough Line and Borough Line to Grove Street.
1/17/18:  Woodland, Euclid, Redman, Bewley, Peyton, Homestead, Avondale, Mt. Vernon, Westmont, Trueman, Briarcliff, Kings Highway West (between Linden & Estaugh and Chews and Warwick).
1/16/18:  Elm (West End to  Atlantic) Mt. Vernon (West End to speedline & 700 block), Redman (West End to speedline & 700 block), N. Hinchman, Lansdowne.

1/4/18:  North Dr., Lansdowne (one side from Kings Highway to Redman), Homestead (Euclid to Barberry), N. Hinchman (one side Homestead to Kings Highway), Elm (both sides from West End to Borough Line).
1/3/18:  Chews Landing, Euclid, Birchall, Barberry, West End completed except one block/one side from Euclid to Kings Highway, North Dr. (one side).
1/2/18: Kings Highway W. (from West End Ave. to Borough Line, and Borough Line to Eves Lane), Station Ave (S. Hinchman to Chews Landing), Hinchman (Station to Kings Highway W.), Mountwell (Chews Landing to Warwick), Knolltop and W. Summit.
12/29:  Washington (from Lincoln to Mountwell), W. Park (100 block), Mountwell (from Warwick to Chews Landing and part of the opposite side).
12/28:  Ridgewood Circle, Olney Circle, Centre, Lincoln, E. Park, Station from Chews to Hinchman, Walnut, Warwick from Kings Highway W to Mountwell (one side only), and W. Park (1 side).
12/27: E. Cottage, Walnut (from Reillywood to Ellis and Ellis to W. Cottage), Park Place, Lakeview, Reillywood, Spruce, Chestnut and Loucroft.
12/26:  Greenmount, Oak Ridge, Moore Lane, E. Summit, Loucroft (one side is partially finished), Spruce (one side from tennis courts to Reillywood), Chestnut (one side from Reillywood to Lincoln).
12/21:  Oak, Pomona, Evans, Concord Dr, Greenmount Rd & Oak Ridge (from Upland to Oak Ridge), Jefferson, Queensboro, Marquis, Clinton, Pennbrook, Farragut.
12/20: Concord Circle, Wynwood, Hickory, Bellevue, Overhill, Treaty Elms, Jefferson (Chews Landing to Warwick), Jefferson (Warwick back to the 200 block), Chews Landing (Mountwell to W. Summit), Winding Way, Washington (Heritage to Tavistock), Warwick (From out of town to Tavistock)
12/19: Chews Landing (Except between Mountwell &Summit), Heritage, Colonial Ridge, Atlantic, Glenwood, 1/2 of Winding Way (Headed to Washington), Lane of Acres, Wedgewood, One side of Washington (Tavistock to Lafayette)
12/18: Upland Way, Greenmount Rd (Upland to Colonial Ridge), Colonial Ridge (1 side), S. Atlantic West (1 side), Jefferson, Lafayette (both streets from Atlantic to Warwick), Chews Landing (from W. Summit to 560 Chews Landing - one side), Lane of Acres (Washington to end of lane, plus half of opposite side toward Washington).

From Commissioner Moscatelli:

Many residents have contacted the Borough regarding the number of trees which are still dropping leaves, that leaf collection ends next week, and asking if we can extend leaf collection.  During leaf collection the Borough has 5 to 6 leaf trucks out collecting 10 hours a day, 6 days a week, utilizing all available DPW personnel as well as 9 temporary workers each day.  This is a significant and costly effort for the Borough.  However, we do recognize the difficulty the late leaf fall causes for residents.

Therefore, starting December 11, DPW will continue to put 2 or 3 leaf trucks out during normal work hours and continue to collect leaves.  We will restart in Monday's trash route as soon as we have completed the 3rd round in Friday's trash route and work our way around town as best we can.  We will continue collecting leaves until either we have made a full 4th pass, or until winter weather decides to visit us; we need the leaf collection equipment to plow snow and salt roads, and once we switch over it is impractical to switch back and forth.  This is the best compromise we can arrive at without 'busting' the budget.

While we are making this 4th pass, we will maintain a list of street that have been completed on the Borough facebook, updated each weekday, for reference.

Residents are also able to bag any remaining leaves and put them out for vegetative waste collection during the first week of January.

Please be aware, the prohibition on raking piles of leaves in the street still applies, and tickets will be issued to offenders.  Leaves should be raked as close to the road as possible, without being in the road or blocking the sidewalk.

If you have questions, please contact DPW at 856-429-0183, or email Public Works Commissioner Moscatelli at  Posted 1/19/18

NJAW Public Hearing Canceled tonight - Jan 8, 2018

New Jersey American water will hold it's public rate hearing next week Tuesday January 16th at 6:00pm at Borough Hall.  Tonight's meeting has been canceled due to the weather. Posted 1/8/2018

No Commissioners Meeting tonight - Jan. 8, 2018

Please disregard the Community Calendar, there is no Commissioners Meeting tonight 1/8/2018, the schedule was amended after the calendar was printed.  The next Commissioners Work Session will be Tuesday January 16th at 6:30pm and the next Commissioners Meeting will be January 23rd at 7:30pm. Posted 1/8/18

Trash Delay due to Snowstorm & Leaf Collection

Due to the snowstorm, Waste Management completed the Thursday trash route on Friday 1/5/18, and has also completed part of the Friday route.  Any streets in the Friday section not completed will be collected on Saturday, Jan. 6.  All Recycling and Veg debris has been completed on all streets by the Borough. In addition, Leaf Collection will be suspended for the rest of the week of Jan. 1.  Updates for resumption of leaf collection will be posted when available. 

Chipper returns in 2018 to resume the regular schedule on the third full week of the month; in Jan. it will be the week of the 15thPosted 1/5/18

Community Survey for the next School Superintendent

This link will take you to a 3 question survey regarding what qualities and expectations you have for the new Superindendent of Schools.  Please take a few minutes and fill it out.  We want as many perspectives and ideas as possible to make the most informed decision regarding this position.  Thank you for your time! Posted 1/5/2018

Trash, Recycle, Veg Collection - Snowstorm Jan. 4-5, 2018

Due to the snowstorm, Waste Management has discontinued trash collection today, Thur. Jan. 4.  They will complete both the remainder of the Thursday route and all of the Friday trash route on Friday, Jan. 5. The Borough will complete the Thur. recycle route provided conditions continue to allow for trucks to safely navigate the streets; Veg route for Wednesday has been completed and Thursday is in process and will proceed the same as recycling. In addition, Leaf Collection will be suspended for the rest of this week.  Updates for resumption of leaf collection will be posted when available.  Posted 1/4/18

Extended Leaf Season Information, 2017

See below the Holiday Collection Schedule for Leaf Information. HOLIDAY TRASH / RECYCLE COLLECTIONS  (See below for Leaf Info) Monday 1/1/18:  No Collections. Tues. 1/2/18:  Monday & Tuesday trash/recycle routes collected.   Wed. 1/3/18:  Trash & Recycling on schedule, Veg collection for Mon. & Tues. routes.   Thur. 1/4/18:  Trash & Recycle on schedule, Veg collection for Wed. & Thur. routes.    Friday 1/5/18:  Trash, Recycle, & Veg collection on schedule. 
Veg Debris Collection is scheduled for the week of Jan. 1.  (note dates above)

Chipper returns in 2018 to resume the regular schedule on the third full week of the month; in Jan. it will be the week of the 15th.  Additionally, DPW will attempt to chip Christmas trees prior to the 3rd week depending upon weather, manpower, and other issues that many arise.  For this early pickup there will not be a particular schedule.