Clean Communities

New Jersey Clean Communities is a statewide litter-abatement program. It is funded by the Clean Communities Act.  The mission is to reduce litter on public  places, promote the volunteer cleanup of public lands and sustain a reduction  in litter through education. The Clean Communities program is a three fold attack on litter.
; Sponsor public cleanup events and offer mini grant opportunities for civic organizations. clean_communities
Enforcement; enforce anti-litter laws, and 
Education – sponsor educational programs within the schools and community.

The Clean Communities program is part of a statewide strategy to clean and prevent litter on streets, beaches, waterways, parks, recreation sites and vacant lots. As part of this program, the Borough of Haddonfield will sponsor Annual Clean-up days each year.

Civic groups, volunteer organizations, churches and scout troops, as well as residents and businesses, are encouraged to participate in an joint effort to clean up our streets and public properties.


New Jersey’s bag ban is an enormous success, with expectations that 8.4 billion single-use bags each year will be removed from the state’s waste stream because of this landmark law. To help further spread the word and celebrate the success, we have developed a short video in partnership with the NJ Food Council. Check it out!